462 Names - Book "Greeks of Tarpon Springs" Florida

The Book “GREEKS IN TARPON SPRINGS – Images of America Series”, authored by Tina Bucuvalas, was published in February 2016 by Arcadia Publishing.  

I was able to obtain a copy through my local library’s Inter-library Loan Program, you can do the same, or purchase a copy from various vendors.  If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read the book for free.  

Below you will find a description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 462 names included in the book.


Beginning in 1905, large numbers of Greeks from the Dodecanese and Saronic Gulf islands settled in Tarpon Springs to work in the sponge business. They significantly expanded the industry and changed Tarpon Springs forever. Greektown flourished with residences, stores, churches, restaurants, and recreational facilities stretching from the sponge docks to downtown. Sponge fishing and related activities served as the economic base for the community. By 1913, as many as half of Tarpon Springs residents were reputedly Greek, and many businesses displayed both Greek and American flags. Today, Tarpon Springs’ Greek community preserves a strong ethnic and maritime heritage. While some major US cities have a larger Greek population, no other has a greater percentage with Greek heritage than Tarpon Springs.



Title Page
Copyright Page
1. Early Days
2. Schools, Organizations and Military Service
3. Religious Traditions
4. Sponge Fishing and Related Occupations
5. Shops, Offices, and Tourism
6. Family Life and Diversions
7. Recent Times



Aggelopoulos, George
Agnew, Spiro
Alahuzos, Drosos
Alahuzos, Fanny
Alahuzos, Manuel
Alahuzos, Michael
Alexiou, Emmanuel
Alissandratos, Alexander
Alissandratos, Andrew
Alissandratos, Asimoula
Alissandratos, Demosthenes
Alissandratos, Katherine
Alissandratos, Tako
Ammons, Ronnie
Amorginos, Mike
Anargiou, Nick
Anargirou, Nicholas
Anastassiou, Fr. George
Angel (Angeliniadis), family
Angel, George
Angel, Katina
Angel, Maria
Angel, Themelina Alahouzos
Angeliniadis, George Nikolaou
Antoniades, Kostas
Antoniades, Mrs.
Antoniades, Paul
Antonoglou, Eleni
Antonoglou, James
Antonoglou, Theodoros
Arfaras family
Arfaras, Dikea Nicholas
Arfaras, Duchess Giallourakis
Arfaras, Irene
Arfaras, Michel
Arvanitis, Costas
Arvanitis, Katherine Kavouklis
Assimack, Kalotina
Assimack, Themistocles “Tommy”
Astipolitis, Gabriel
Athanason, Maria
Athas, Reverend Father John
Athas, Sofie Stamas
Athenagoras, Archbishop
Avgerinos, Antonios
Bailey, Frances
Bartelt, David
Baxter, Junior
Bessis, Sotirios “Sam”
Bilirakis, Evelyn Miaoulis
Bilirakis, Gus
Billirakis, Evelyn Miaoulis
Billiris, Angelo V.
Billiris, Anna Tsoukalas
Billiris, Capt. Michael J.
Billiris, Eleni
Billiris, George
Billiris, George M.
Billiris, John M.
Billiris, Michael
Billiris, Sylvia
Billiris, Ted M.
Billiris, Theodore J.
Bouchlas, Catherine Gonatos
Boudoucies, Angeliki
Bragg, Barbara
Burgess, Jessie
Campbell, Barbara
Cantonis, Michael
Christodoulou, Lula
Christopoulos, Mary
Christopoulos, Panagiotis
Christou, Arvanos
Christou, Paraskevi
Christou, Pasithea
Cladakis, George
Cladakis, John
Cladakis, Nick
Clement, Archie
Cocoris, Anna Nicoloulia
Cocoris, Constantine
Cocoris, Elias
Cocoris, George
Cocoris, John
Cocoris, Stamatina
Constantinou, Trefon
Cook, Robert
Coutroulis, Christ
Coutroulis, George
Cretekos, Odge
Croft, Mildred
Dagenhardt, David
Dalacos, Gus
Dalacos, Lula
Dalia, Rena
Danapas, Angelo
Danapas, George
Daraphillis, George
Deardon, Dolores
Dede, Katina
Demas, Phil
Diamandes, Tessie
Diamandis, Dr. Themistocles J.
Diamandis, Katerina
Diamantes, Irene
Drake, Dolly
Dris, Nick
Eaccarino, Reverend Father Michael
Emmanuel, Alexandra
Emmanuel, George
Emmanuel, Helen
Emmanuel, Michalis
Emmanuel, Michel
Ennett, Bill
Ergas, Nikki
Faklis, Dikea
Faklis, George
Faklis, Katie
Faklis, Michael
Faklis, Mike
Faklis, Nick
Faklis, Nikitas
Faklis, Vasile
Faklis, Vasile (Papafaklis)
Faklis, Vasile G.
Falolitis, Petros
Fatolitis, Theophilos “Philip”
Filareton, Sula
Filaretou, Anargiros
Filaretou, Filarota
Filaretou, Simeon
Filis, Margo
Fotakis, Maria
Frantzis, Fanitsa
Frantzis, George
Frantzis, Theodore
Frantzis, Theodosios
Frantzis, Zoula
Frantzis, Zula Pappas
Galanos, Miltiadis
Gause, Cam
Gause, Curtis
Gause, Garrett
Georgiadis, George Mr. and Mrs.
Georgiadis, Sevasti
Georgiou, George
Georgiou, John
Giallourakis, Cosmos
Giallourakis, Irene
Giallourakis, Stamatia
Gianaros, John K.
Giannaras, Alice
Giannaras, George
Giannaras, Irene
Ginnis, Mrs.
Gombos, Jack
Gonatos, John
Harvard, Kaliope Miaoulis
Harvey, Irene
Hatzie, Chris
Himonetos, George “Kirki”
Houllis, Anthony
Houllis, Bertha
Houmis, Nick
Hourdas, George
Hourdas, Rally
Ioannidis, Anna Smolios Kouskoutis
Ipsilantis, Fanny
Jennings (Coach)
Joaquin, Nelson
John, Steve
Johns, Bessie
Jordan, George
Kaladoukas, Epakoy
Kalariotes, Father Elias
Kalariotes, Reverend Father
Kalariotes, Reverend Father Elias
Kalogrides, Pavlos
Kambourakis, Mikes
Kaminis family
Kamvisis, Athena
Kanannis, Theophilos
Kanasis, Demosthenes
Kapetanis, Cleo
Kapetanis, George
Kapetanis, Kaliope Alahouzos
Kapetanis, Mikelo
Kapitanis, Cleo
Karabanou, Mrs. Diamandi
Karakas, Wade
Karaphillis, George
Karaphillis, Helen
Karaphillis, Kaliope
Karaphillis, Nick
Karaphillis, Reverand Father Theophilos
Karaphillis, Theo
Karavokiros, Maria
Karavokiros, Nick
Karavokiros, Thelma
Karavokiros, Tony
Karistinos, Anastasios
Kastronis, Zaharias
Katras, Theophilos
Katsaros, George
Kavouklis, Lazaros
Kavouklis, Nicholas
Kavouklis, Nick
Kelades, Kelades
Kelades, Mihalis
Kelades, Themistocles
Kennedy, Stetson
Keramides, Pete
Kindinis, Colleen
Kindinis, George
Kindinis, Jerry
Kindinis, Jordan
Klimantos, Costas
Klimantos, Costas “Dinio”
Klimantos, Dinio
Klimantos, Katherine
Klimis, Mary
Klonaris, John
Kolianos, Peter
Kontodiakos, Stacey
Kopacz, Andrea Faklis
Korfiatis, Pete
Korfiatis, Renee
Kotis, Anna
Kotis, Anna Karagiannis
Kotis, Evelyn
Kotis, Steve
Koukoulakis, Koukoulis
Koulianos, Irene
Koulianos, Nick
Koulias, Skevos
Koulias, Steve
Kouremetis, Michael
Kouros, Valantis
Koursiotis, John “Sfeeka”
Koursiotis, Maria
Koursiotis, Mikes
Kousaleos, George
Kousaleos, Michael
Kousaleous, Michael
Koutouzis, Michail
Koutouzis, Reverand Father Stamatis
Krouskos, Jim
Krouskos, Katina
Krouskos, Pete
Lelekis, Irene Manias
Lelekis, Michael
Leonis, Diamantis
Leonis, Fanio
Lerios, Antonios
Lerios, Foto
Lerios, Nickolas
Lontakos, Angelo
Lontakos, George
Lontakos, Mike
Loupis, Kyriakos
Lovett, D. S.
Lulias family
Lulias, Kaliope Manias
Lulias, Metropolitan Nikitas
Lulias, Nikitas
Mack, Nick
Macrenaris family
Maillis, John
Mainaris, Theofanis
Makrinakis, Sotiris
Malisses, Andrew
Mandalou family
Mandalou, Maria Angel
Manias, Evdokia
Manias, Michael
Manias, Nick
Manias, Nikitas
Manos, Frank
Manousos, George
Manousos, Giorgos
Manticos, Mary Gianneskis
Marazos, Zach
Mastorides family
Mastrovasilis, Peter
McMickle, Patricia
Megaloudis family
Megaloudis, Agapitos
Mehas, Emmanuel
Mehas, John
Miaoulis, Kosta
Miaoulis, Maria
Miaoulis, Maria Manias
Miaoulis, Nicholas
Miradakis, Nancy
Morris, Alton C.
Moskos, Irene
Moskos, Savvas
Mostris, Pharaoni
Mougros, Kalotina
Moutsatsos, Konstantinos
Murphy, William
Nefton, John
Nicholis, Katina Karaphillis
Nicholis, Michael
Nichols, Maggie Kavouklis
Palogianos, John
Pandakos, Alice
Pandakos, Nikki
Pantelis, Maria
Pantelis, Nicholas
Papadoparolos, Diogenis
Papadopoulos, Yiannis
Papaioannou, Ioannis
Pappas, Argie
Pappas, Costas
Pappas, Costas George
Pappas, Flora
Pappas, George
Pappas, Jack
Pappas, Katherine Esfakis
Pappas, Louis
Pappas, Lukas
Pappas, Mike
Pappas, Olympia
Pappas, Zaharis
Parr, Goldie Tsalichis
Paskalakis, Augustine
Paskalakis, Bill
Paskalakis, Costas
Paskalakis, Mercury “Bill”
Paskalakis, Todd
Patides, Kalli
Patides, Nicholas
Patides, Pete
Pavlos, Helen
Pavlos, Nellie
Pavlos, Sophie
Peppas, Nicholas
Peppas, Popi
Peronis, Belia
Peronis, Frances
Peronis, Louis
Peronis, Magdaline
Peronis, Nellie
Peronis, Pantelis
Peterson, James
Peterson, Steve
Phillippou, Pepos
Piccolo, James
Piperis, Leoni
Piperis, Zula
Pipinos, Perry
Pokrakis, Vasilis
Polidoros, Mr.
Polizoidis, Metropolitan Germanos
Psaras, Eleni
Raptis, Esther Jordan
Raptis, John
Raptis, Reverend Father Constantinos
Renios, Mike
Sakiotis, Else
Saklarides, John
Samarkos family
Samarkos, Anthony
Samarkos, Charles A.
Samarkos, John A.
Samarkos, Michael
Samarkos, Michael A.
Samarkos, Niki
Samarkos, Sievesta
Samarkos, Theophilos
Saroukos, Bill
Saroukos, George
Saroukos, Kaliope
Saroukos, Popi
Sarris family
Sarris, Irene
Sarris, Mina
Sarris, Minas
Sfyriou, Ourania
Sfyriou, Semeone
Simeon, Kalliope
Simeonides, Reverend Father Constantine
Simmons, Mildred
Skandaliavis, Sevesti
Skordilis, Spiro
Skyllas, Nikolaos G.
Smirlis, Despina
Smirlis, Maguerite
Smirlis, Roger
Smitzes, Irene
Smolios, Anna
Spanolios, Andrew
Spanolios, Anthony “Curly”
Spanolios, Tony
Spanos, Leonidas
Spanos, Mr.
Stamas, Nicholas
Stamas, Peter
Stavrakis, Fayla
Stavrakis, Steve
Stavropoulos, Dimitrios
Stavropoulos, Eleni
Stavropoulos, Flora
Stavropoulos, Mary
Stavropoulos, Paul
Stavrulakis, Urania
Stevens, Anna
Theodosis, Mike
Theodosis, Stamatouli
Theophilopoulos, Reverend Father Tryfon
Tiliakos brothers
Tittas, Irene
Toth, Nicholas
Toth, Nick
Tsalichis, Capt. James
Tsalichis, George
Tsalichis, James
Tsalichis, Mary
Tsalichis, Mike
Tsalichis, Stamatia
Tsalichis, Steve
Tsangarinos, Ted
Tsangaris, Irene Sarris
Tsangaris, Neophitos
Tsangranis, Sylvia
Tsataros, Costa John
Tsataros, Costas
Tsataros, John
Tsataros, Steve
Tsavaris, Manuel
Tsimouris, Focaina
Tsimouris, Maria Elena
Tsimouris, Nikitas
Tsimouris, Nomiki
Tsimpikas, Kostas
Tsongranis, Mike E.
Tsongranis, Reverend Father George
Tsongranis, Sophie Pavlos
Tsoukalas, Anna
Tsoukalas, Helen Samarkos
Tsourakis, Costas
Tsourakis, Dean
Tsourakis, George
Tsourakis, George C.
Tsourakis, Gus
Tsourakis, Pete
Tsourlis, Reverend Father Vasileios
Tulumaris family
Tzaras, Dimitris “Jimmy”
Vaporis, Thelma
Velousis, Assimina
Velousis, Leon “Roxy”
Walters, Bill
Xipolito, John
Ypapandakis, Panagiotis
Ypsilantis, Fannie
Zaronias, Katerina
Zervos, Kalotina
Zouroudis, Irene
Zouroudis, Nick