300 born in Greece - Texas, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1947

FamilySearch.org has a FREE database titled TEXAS, WORLD WAR II DRAFT REGISTRATION CARDS, 1940-1947.  There are 300 people in these records that show Greece as their place of birth.  There are an additional 88 showing Turkey as their place of birth.

The collection consists of a name index and images of draft registration cards of men who registered during World War II with the exception of the Fourth Registration (see General Information below). It covers the years 1940 to 1945 and includes information of young men aged 18-44. The event place is the home of the registrant. This collection is part of the National Archives Records Administration’s (NARA) Records of the Selective Service System. 1940– Record Group 147: Records of the Selective Service. 

The following information may be found in these records:

Name, Serial Number, and Order Number
Age and date of birth
Place of birth
Country of citizenship
Name of person who will always know the address
Relationship of that person
Address of that person
Employer’s name
Place of employment or business
Height, weight, and complexion

Obvious identifying physical characteristics

General Information About Draft Registration Cards

The Selective Service Act of 1940 required that men between the ages of 21–36 register for the draft. This was the United States' first peacetime draft. The draft was run like a lottery with those chosen required to serve for 12 months.

During the summer of 1941, the draft was extended for all men who had reached their 18th birthday up to those who had not yet reached the 45th birthday—up until the day before their 45th birthday. The length of service was also extended to 18 months, but could be extended further if national security required.

In December of 1941, after the United States had entered World War II, the draft was again extended. All men ages 22–44 became responsible for service in the military and all men ages 18–64 were required to register for the draft. Time of service was extended to six months after the war ended. This draft registration, called the Fourth Registration, or Old Man’s Registration, was held on April 27, 1942. The purpose of this registration was to collect information on industrial capacity and skills of men who were born between April 27, 1877 and February 16, 1897 (ages 45 to 64). This draft registration was not intended to be used for military service but to provide a complete inventory of manpower resources in the United States that could be utilized for national service during World War II.

Draft registration cards were filled out at the registrant’s home and then mailed to the Selective Service Board.