Book "A Concise History of Greece" by Richard Clogg - (156 Names)

The book "A Concise History of GREECE" by Richard Clogg was first published in 1992, printed in Great Britain at the University Press, Cambridge.  It has been reprinted many times since that date.

I have included the Contents, List of Illustrations, Maps and the 156 Names mentioned in the book, transcribed below for your reference.  If you are interested this book is available through the U.S. Inter-library loan program, you can work with your local library to obtain a copy.



List of Illustrations

1.  Introduction
2.  Ottoman rule and the emergence of the Greek state 1770-1831
3.  Nation building, the 'Great Idea' and National Schism 1831-1921
4.  Catastrophe and occupation and their consequences 1923-49
5.  The legacy of the civil war 1950-74
6.  The consolidation of democracy and the populist decade 1974-90
7.  Epilogue

The royal houses of Greece
Key dates
Guide to further reading



1.  The fall of Constantinople in 1453 as depicted by Panayiotis Zographos in the 1830s
2.  The Greek church of St. George in Venice and the Phlanginion Phrontistirion in the seventeenth century
3.  Constantine XI Palaiologos as the 'Emperor turned into Marble'
4.  An eighteenth-century paper 'icon' depicting the monastery of St. Paul on Mount Athos
5.  Mikhail Soutsos, hospodar of Moldavia 1819-21.
6. A Greek sea captain on the eve of the war of independence
7.  The title-page, in Greek and Turkish, of the 1819 Constantinople edition of Aristotle's Physiognomonica
8.  Letter of commendation of a 'priest' of the Philiki Etairia, 1819
9.  The hanging by the Turks of the Ecumenical Patriarch Grigorios V in April 1821.
10.  The arrival of Lord byron in Mesolongi in Janurary 1824, as depicted by Theodoros Vryzakis
11.  Nikitas the Turk-eater at the Battle of Dervenakia, August 1812.
12.  The assassination of President Kapodistrias in Nafplion, October 1831
13.  The Athenian cafe Oraia Ellas in the 1830s
14.  Hadji Oustas Iordanoglou of Cappandocia and his son Homer by Photis Kontoglou 1927
15.  A portable icon of the 'neo-martyr' George the Younger 1838
16.  A very Greek coup.  The coup of 3 September 1843 in Athens
17.  The Greek volunteer legion at the siege of Sebastopol during the Crimean war
18.  A Daumier cartoon satirising Greece's indebtedness to the Great Powers
19.  The brigands responsible for the Dilessi murders in April 1870
20.  The excavation of the Corinth canal in the mid-1880s
21.  The Greek representatives at the Congress of Berlin 1878
22.  Captain Vardas and a group of Makedonomakhoi c. 1904
23.  A bar in Piraeus towards the end of the nineteenth century
24.   The Academy of Athens under construction in the 1880s
25.  Greek mercantile grandees in Alexandria in the 1880s
26.  Panagis Koutalianos, the New Hercules, painted on the wall of the bakery in Velentza, near Volos by Theophilos, 1910
27.  'The discreet charm of the Ottoman Greek bourgeoisie': the Evgenidis/Zarifi wedding in 1905
28.  A popular engraving depicting the liberation of Chios in November 1912
29.  An election in Salonica in 1915
30.  The Greek Parthenagogeion, Ushak, Asia Minor 1921
31.  Refugees crowding the burning waterfront of Smyrna in September 1922
32.  The 'Trial of the Six', November 1922
33.  (a) Anti- and (b) pro-Venizelos propaganda postcards
34.  Eleftherios Venizelos with his grandson
35.  A Greek wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1921
36.  The poet C. P. Cavafy at home in Alexandria
37.  Venizelist officers on trial following the attempted coup of March 1935
38.  General Ioannis Metaxas receiving the fascist salute
39.  A propaganda poster from the Albanian campaign, 1940
40.  (a) A victim of the famine of the winter of 1941/2; (b) A well-stocked grocery in Athens in November 1944
41.  Three women guerrillas, 1944
42.  Four young Greek Jews, Salonica, February 1943
43.  The Political Committee of National Liberation in 'Free Greece' 1944
44.  Winston Churchill with Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens, soon to be regent of Greece, Dec. 1944
45.  King Paul and Queen Frederica visit Makronisos prison camp, 1947.
46.  General James van Fleet cracking Easter eggs with General (later Marshal) Alexandros Papagos, 1949
47.  (a) Greek and Turkish troops fraternise on manoeuvres, 1953; (b) the Patriarch Athinagoras in the ruins of the church of the Panaghia Veligradiou, Istanbul, 1955
48.  Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus with General Georgios Grivas and Nikos Sampson, 1959
49.  Yannis Tsarouchis:  Sailor in a pink background , 1955
50.  The student occupation of the Athens Polytechnic, November 1973
51.  Andreas Papandreou being sworn in as prime minister in 1981 by Archbishop Serapheim of Athens, in the presence of President Konstantinos Karamanlis
52.  Stelios Papathemelis, Nikolaos Martis, Bishop Ezekiel of Melbourne and the Australian prime minister, bob Hawke, in Melbourne.



1.  The Greek East
2.  The expansion of the Greek state, 1832-1947
3.  Relief map of Greece
4.  The outcome of the Balkan wars, 1912-13
5.  The geography of the National Schism:  'Old' and 'New' Greece in 1916/17
6.  Greece in Asia Minor, 1919-22
7.  The pattern of refugee settlement during the inter-war period
8.  The German, Italian and Bulgarian zones of occupation in 1941
9.  The Aegean dispute
10.  Electoral and administrative districts



Agnew (Anagnostopoulos), Vice-president
Alexander, King of Greece
Andrew, Prince
Angelopoulos, Angelos
Askoutsis, Nikolaos
Athinagoras, Ecumenical Patriarch
Averoff, Evangelos
Bakirtzis, Evripidis
Benaki, Alexandra
Benakis, Emmanouil
Cavafy, Constantine
Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Smyrna
Constantine II, King of the Hellenes
Constantine XI Palaiologos, Emperor
Constantine, Crown Prince, subeuently King Constantine I of the Hellenes
Couvaras, Costas
Damaskinos, Archbishop of Athens
Deliyannis, Theodoros
Delta (Benaki), Penelope
Demertzis, Konstantinos
Drosios, Georgios
Dukakis, Michael
Evgeidis, Stephanos
Florakis, Kharilaos
Gavriilidis, Kostas
Gennadius, Ioannis
George I, King of the Hellenes
George II, King of the Hellenes
George, Prince, High Commissioner of Crete
Gizikis, Lieutenant-General Phaidon
Gounaris, Dimitrios
Gounaropoulos, Georgios
Grigorios V, Patriarch of Constantinople
Grivas, General Georgios
Hadzianestis, General Georgios
Haralambopoulos, Yannis
Ioakheim, Metropolitan of Kazani
Ioannidis, Brigadier Dimitrios
Kaftantzoglou, Lysandros
Kallergis, General Dimitrios
Kanellopoulos, Panayiotis
Kapodistrrrrias, Count Ioannis
Karakioulaphis, Anastasios
Karamanlis, Konstantinos
Karatheodoris Pasha, Alexandros
Karavangelis, Germanos (bishop of Kastoria)
Khatzibeis, Stamatis
Khoremis family
Khrysanthopoulos, Photakos
Kleanthis, Stamatis
Kokkalis, Petros
Kolettis, Ioannis
Kolokotronis, Theodoros
Kondylis, General Georgios
Kontoglou, Photis
Korais, Adamantios
Koronaios, Panos
Koryzis, Alexandros 
Koskotas, George
Kotzias, Kostas
Koumoundouros, Alexandros
Koundouriotis, Admiral Pavlos
Lambrakis, Grigorios
Liani, Dimitra
Makarezos, Colonel Nikolaos
Makarios III (Mikhail Mouskos), Archbishop and President of Cyprus
Makriyannis, General Yannis
Mandakas, General Manolis
Maniadakis, Konstantinos
Markezinis, Spyros
Mavromikhalis, Georgios
Mavromikhalis, Konstantinos
Mavromikhalis, Kyriakoulis
Mavromikhalis, Petrobey
Mavros, Georgios
Menderes, Adnan
Mercouri, Melina
Metaxas, Colonel (subsequently General) Ioannis
Mitsotakis, Konstantinos
Mourouzis, Konstantinos, Grand Dragoman
Mouselimis, Dionysios IV
Mouskondis, Nicholas
Mousouros Pasha, Kostaki
Nahmias, Alberto/Avraam
Notaras, Grand Duke Loukas
Olga Konstantinovna, Queen of Greece
Paliouritis, Grigorios
Pangalos, General Theodoros
Papadiamantis, Alexandros
Papadopoulos, Colonel Georgios
Papagos, General (subsequently Marshal) Alexandros
Papaheliou, Melpomene
Papaioannou, Voula
Papandreou, Andreas
Papandreou, Georgios
Papandreou, Margaret
Papanikolaou, Georgios
Paparrigopoulos, Konstantinos
Pattakos, Brigadier Stylianos
Phlanginis, Thomas
Plastiras, Colonel (subsequently General) Nikolaos
Protopapadakis, Petros
Psaros, Colonel Dimitrios
Rallis, Dimitrios
Rallis, Georgios
Rizos-Rangavis, Alexandros
Roidis, Emmanouil
Sarafis, General Stephanos
Sartzetakis, Christos
Schilizzi, Helena
Scholarios, Georgios Gennadios, Patriarch of Constantinople
Seferis, Georgios
Serapheim, Archbishop of Athens
Siantos, Georgios
Sinas, Georgios
Sinas, Simon
Skouphas, Nikolaos
Skylosophos, Dionysios
Sophoulis, Themistoklis
Spetziotis, Nikolaos
Stamatelopoulos, Nikitas (Nikitaras)
Stephanopoulos, Stephanos
Stergiadis, Aristeides
Svolos, Alexandros
Tertsetis, Georgios
Theodorakis, Mikis
Theotokas, Georgios
Theotokis, Georgios
Theotokopoulos, Domenikos (El Greco)
Trikoupis, Kharilaos
Trikoupis, Spyridon
Tsakaloff, Athanasios
Tsaldaris, Dino
Tsaldaris, Panayis
Tsarouchis, Yannis
Tsatsos, Konstantinos
Tsirimokos, Ilias
Tsolakoglou, General Georgios
Tsontos, Georgios (Captain Vardas)
Tsouderos, Emmanouil
Tzannetakis, Tzannis
Velestinlis (Pheraios), Rigas
Veloukhiotis, Ares (Thanasis Klaras)
Venizelos, Eleftherios
Venizelos, Sophocles
Vryzakis, Theodoros
Xanthos, Emmanouil
Ypsilantis, General Alexandros
Zakhariadis, Nikos
Zarifis, Georgios
Zervas, General Napoleon
Zikos, Mikhail
Zographos, Cristaki Efendi
Zographos, Panayiotis
Zolotas, Xenophon
Zorbas, Colonel Nikolaos