"Ten Persons Slain in Riot Over Celebration of Easter - Greek Victims of Clash with Roman Catholics in Arkansas" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, April 17, 1906

Published in Chicago Daily Tribune, April 17, 1906

Greek Victims of Clash with 
Roman Catholics in Arkansas -
Gov. Davis Appealed to for Aid.

Memphis, Tenn., April 16. -- (Special.) - Ten Greeks are reported killed in a riot at the little station of Gurley, Ark., forty miles south of Helena, Ark.  Others were injured, but the number is not known.  Gurley is at the end of the construction work on which the Greeks are engaged.

The rioting began in a dispute between Roman Catholics and adherents of the Greek church as to the date on which Easter should be celebrated.

Sunday afternoon shooting was general, and seven men were killed by the time a messenger got away for Helena.  Sheriff Frank Kildeens and twenty deputies left for the scene of the rioting.

Nothing was heard from Gurley until this morning, when a message was received from the sheriff, saying that with his force he could not quell the riot, and asking that Gov. Davis be requested to send troops.  He added that three more men had been killed.

Capt. Myers and seventy-five men started for Gurley today.