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of the
during the
Massacre on the Island of Scio,
By The Turks
Together with Various Adventures in
Greece and America.

Written by Himself

Published Philadelphia:
Lippincott, Grambo, & Co.


Introductory Remarks

CHAPTER I. - The Author's Birth-place - Origin and names of Scio - Orion - Settlement of Chios - Productions of Scio - Ariusian wine famous in Rome - Its petrifying effect - Julius Caesar - Hortensius - Sultana Valide - Distinguished Chians - Homer a Scian - Scenery - Public Edifices

CHAPTER II. - The old Castle - our residence - Homer's school - Glyphada - Mt. Epos and Palinaeum - wealth of Romana - University of Scio - schoolmaster - mode of chastisement - Garufalia - antiquities of Scio - Demetriades, author's teacher - the Panhellenion - ancient magnificence of Scio - Bolissos - Rhapsodists - Coray

CHAPTER III. - The Greek revolution - Chian hostages - Earthquakes, hail and fiery meteors - the Samian Invasion - Burnias - skirmishes - arrival of the Turkish fleet - the bombardment - strength of the fleet - exact gunnery - exploit of Brontadusians - romantic escape - flight of Samians - Turks rushing from tombs

CHAPTER IV - The Museum and author's captivity - Burning of a church by plunderers - excursion for spoil and heads - division of the spoil - execution of the captives - bounty for heads and pickled ears.

CHAPTER V. - The Author sold, horrors of servitude - Jews, Armenians and Franks enriched - the author ridden as a horse - anecdotes, - the conscientious Turkish girl - interior of a Turkish dwelling - Turkish hospitality waning - the massacre at Melaena Promontory - Turkish lady - Dervishes and Turkish school - Greek hunt - the consuls tools of Turkish treachery

CHAPTER VI. - The pestilence - warlike rage of animals during the pestilence - vengeance of Canaris - burning of Turkish flag-ship - burning of twenty-four Mastic-Towns, the Sultana's appanage - Scio after the catastrophe

CHAPTER VII. - Flight from Scio

CHAPTER VIII. - Voyage to Nauplion and meeting with American relief agents - American Supplies

CHAPTER IX. - Voyage to America

CHAPTER X. - Arrival in new York - arrival in Boston

CHAPTER XI. - Return to Greece - the opinion that Ulysses wandered not over the Mediterranean, but through the Black Sea and the sea of Azoph - the author's search for his mother - Assassination of the President

CHAPTER XII. - Arrival of king Otho at Athens - the Bavarians and the Greeks - Arrival at Athens

CHAPTER XIII - Second visit to America - second visit to Boston

CHAPTER XIV - Tour through the United States - third visit to Washington - visit to Mt. Vernon

CHAPER XV. - Education in America - the Greek language

CHAPTER XVI. - Wide diffusion of the Greek race - Index - Essay on the Greek pronunciation - new alphabet for the English language - specimens of the modern Greek with interlinear translations - Music of the Greek War Song, &c.