"Greek Restaurants Wrecked by Rioters in Roanoke, Virginia" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, July 14, 1907

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, July 14, 1907

Police Have Hard Fight to Quell Disorder - 
Fire Department Finally Called Into
Service and Mob Controlled.

Roanoke, W. Va., July 13. - A Greek restaurant in Salem avenue was attacked by a mob late tonight in retaliation for the treatment a young American received at the hands of several Greeks in the place.  Windows and doors were demolished with bricks and other missiles.  Several shots were fired into the crowd from inside the restaurant, but without effect.

Police Judge John Randolph Bryan ordered the police to arrest an American who was in the street; but when the officers started to do so the crowd closed in.  The policemen did not succeed in making the arrest.

A fire alarm was turned in by Mayor Cutchin and a company from the central station came upon the scene.  As the hose was being attached to the hydrant there were cries of "cut the hose," but when the water was turned on the crowd moved back, but the shower of bricks continued to fall on the restaurant.  A place next door to the Greek restaurant, in which the trouble started, was also bombarded.

The police finally charged the crowd and arrested several of the leaders.  Further trouble is feared.