"Under the Turk in Constantinople" by G. F. Abbott - FREE ebook

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(A record of Sir John Finch's Embassy 1674-1681)

by G. F. Abbott

with a forward by Viscount Bryce, O.M.

Published by MacMillan and Co., Limited in 1920



Chapter I - A Diplomat in Spite of Himself

Chapter II - Sir John's Programme

Chapter III - Life in Constantinople

Chapter IV - The Men About The Ambassador

Chapter V - Strenua Inertia

Chapter VI - Sir John Goes to Court

Chapter VII - The Festivities

Chapter VIII - Diplomacy - High and Otherwise

Chapter IX - The Sublime Threshold

Chapter X - Hopes Deferred

Chapter XI - From Purgatory to Pera

Chapter XII - Halcyon Days

Chapter XIII - The Stool of Repentance

Chapter XIV - Kara Mustafa and the Aleppo Dollars

Chapter XV - Interlude

Chapter XVI - The Case of Mrs. Pentlow

Chapter XVII - The Pilot at Rest

Chapter XVIII - The Price of Parchment

Chapter XIX - Sir Johns "Ticklish Condition"

Chapter XX - A Lull in the Storm

Chapter XXI - Release