Book "Modern Greece - Profile of a Nation - The First 150 Years" by Kousoulas - 109 Names

The book "Modern Greece:  Profile of a Nation" by Dimitrios George Kousoulas was published in 1974 by Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group.

I have transcribed for your information the Book Description, Author Information, Table of Contents, and the 109 Names mentioned in the book.

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Book Description
In 1821, after four centuries under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Greek people rose in revolt. Seven years later, with battles lost and battles won, the first Greek state became a reality with the help of the great European powers of the day – England, France and Russia. The new state covered only a small part of the lands inhabited by Greeks but in the next 150 years, the frontiers of the initial state were expanded as other sections inhabited by Greeks were liberated. It was not an unbroken process. Other Greeks were forced to leave their ancestral homes and seek refuge in the free country. Within Greece, progress was an uneven enterprise, with moments of success and achievement and with dark days of failure, desperation and internal strife. In the pages of this book, the author unfolds this fascinating story in a vivid prose, with the authority that comes from solid scholarship and from the personal knowledge of one who lived through some of the events he describes.
About the Author
The author is Emeritus Professor of History and Political Science. His previous books have been published by Oxford University Press in London, Syracuse University Press, Ballantine, Wadswroth, Brooks-Cole and others. One of his books was translated and published in twenty seven languages. His biography has been included in the World's Who's Who and in Collier's Encyclopedia.


Table of Contents


The Rebirth of a Nation
The Rule of Kapodistrias
Otho, the First King
A Coup for a Constitution
Mavrokordatos and Kolettis
The Don Pacifico Affair
Miscalculations during the Crimean War
The Ouster of Otho
In Search of a New Monarch
The Interregnum
King George's First Decade

The Bulgarians Move to the Foreground
Kharilaos Trikoupis
The Russo-Turkish War of 1878
Indecision in Athens
The Congress of Berlin
Progress in Spite of Instability
Trikoupis at the Helm
Deliyiannis Fails the Test
Trikoupis Resumes Leadership
Trouble in the Economy
Concern over Macedonia
The Dismal End of the Trikoupis Era
The War of 1897
In the Wake of Defeat
The Young Turks Take Over

The Revolution of 1909
The Rise of Venizelos
The Balkan Wars
Dissension at the Top
Constantine Is Forced Out
Venizelos Returns to the Helm
The Asia Minor Disaster
The Ouster of the Monarchy

A Season for Coups
Venizelos Comes Back to Power
The Royalist Camp Regains Control
The Revolt of March 1, 1935
The Restoration of Vasilevomeni Dimokratia
Dictatorship or Revolution
The Dictatorship

Unexpected Victory
Under Nazi Occupation
Politics in the Midst of War
Pressures on the King
Civil War in the Mountains
Mutiny in the Middle East
The Lebanon Agreement
The Communist Uprising
The "Third Round"

The Advent of Peace
The Cypriot Entanglement
The Death of Papagos
Karamanlis Moves to the Foreground
The Zurich Agreements

The European Economic Community
The "Relentless Struggle"
The Rise and Fall of the Center Union
The End of Parliamentary Democracy
In Lieu of an Epilogue

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Names Mentioned in Book

Androutsopoulos, Adamantios
Angelis, Odysseus
Argyropoulos, Vassilis
Averoff, Evangelos
Bartzotas, Vassilis
Constantine, King
Damaskinos, Archbishop
Deliyiannis, Theodoros
Deliyiorgis, Epameinondas
Demertzis, Constantine
Dragoumis, Ion
Dragoumis, Stefanos
George I
George II
George, Prince
Germanos, Bishop
Glezos, Manolis
Gonatas, Stylianos
Gounaris, Dimitrios
Grazzi, Emmanuel
Grivas, George
Houtas, Stelios
Kafandaris, Georgios
Kalerghis, Dimitrios
Kanaris, Constantinos
Karamanlis, Constantine
Karapanayiotis, Byron
Kazantzakis, Nikos
Khatzianestis, Georgios
Koimisis, Miltiades
Kolettis, Ioannis
Kolokotronis, Geneos
Kolokotronis, Theodoros
Kondylis, Georgios
Kotais, Adamantios
Koryzis, Alexandros
Kotopouli, Marika
Koumoundouros, Alexandros
Kountouriotis, Pavlos
Lambrakis, Grigoris
Logothetidis, Vassilis
Makarios, Archbishop
Maniadakis, Constantine
Markezinis, Spyros
Mavrokordatos, Alexandros
Mavromikhalis, Kyriakoulis
Mavromikhalis family
Metaxas, Ioannis
Miaoulis, Athanasios
Mikhalakopoulos, Andreas
Myrivilis, Stratis
Novas, George
Pangalos, Theodoros
Papadopoulos, George
Papagos, Alexandros
Papanastasiou, Alexandros
Papandreou, Andreas
Papandreou, Georgios
Papoulas, Anastasios
Prevelakis, Pandelis
Protopadakis, Petros
Psaros, Dimitrios
Rallis, Dimitrios
Rallis, Ioannis
Sarafis, Stefanos
Seferis, George
Siantos, George
Sikelianos, Angelos
Skouloudis, Stefanos
Skylakakis, Theodore
Sofianopoulos, Ioannis
Soufoulis, Themistocles
Stefanopoulos, Stefanos
Theotokas, Georgios
Theotokis, Georgios
Theotokis, Ioannis
Trikoupis, Kharilaos
Trikoupis, Spyridon
Tsaldaris, Panagis
Tsigantes, Ioannis
Tsolakoglou, Georgios
Tsouderos, Emmanuel
Vafiades, Markos
Varvaressos, Kyriakos
Vassos, Timolcon
Veakis, Aimilios
Veloukhiotis, Aris
Venezis, Elias
Venizelos, Eleutherios
Venizelos Sophocles
Voulgaris, Dimitrios
Xenopoulos, Grigorios
Ypsilantis, Alexandros
Ypsilantis, Dimitrios
Zaimis, Alexandros
Zakhariades, Nikos
Zervas, Napoleon
Zorbas, Nikolaos