Book "Memories of a Mountain War: Greece 1944-1949" by Kenneth Matthews - Names, Photographs, Description, Contents

The book "Memories of a Mountain War - Greece 1944-1949" by Kenneth Matthews was published in 1972 by Longman Group Limited London.

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Benekou, Athena

Georgiades (Professor)

Chiouzelis ('General Stephanos')

Gonatas (General)

Kanellopoulos, Panayiotes

Markos, (General) - Markos Vaphiades

Pangalos (General)

Papadhaki, Helene

Papandreou, George

Pappas (General)

Petzopoulos (General)

Plastiras, Nicholas (General)

Psarros (General)

Rallis, John

Sarriyiannis ('Lieutenant-Colonel')

Sepheres, George

Stachtopoulos, Gregorios

Stephanos (General)

Svolos, Alexandros

Vaphiades, Markos

Zervas (Colonel)



The guerrilla chieftain Ares with Fifteen-year-old guerrilla

Athens:  Syntagma Square floodlit for liberation, October 1944

Battle of Athens:  British paratrooper on guard on Acropolis

British tank in action in Euripides Street, Athens

Night fires in Athens after street fighting

Civilians run for cover in bombarded Athens street

Ralles in court:  the 'quisling' prime minister on trial for treason

Saraphes, the guerrillas' military commander

Christmas Day 1944:  the conference by Hurricane lamps.  Churchill flanked by Eden and Archbishop Damaskinos, Alexander and Macmillan at far right of picture

Treaty of Varkiza:  Scobie signs for Britain

Treaty of Varkiza:  Siantos signs for Communists

After the exhumation:  a Communist execution ground

Delphi:  view from stadium over temple of Apollo

After a rebel raid:  Goumenitsa, Macedonia

Government troops on patrol:  Karpenisi, Central Greece

Mules go to market in convoy for protection against rebel attack

Army checking identity cards at entrance to mountain village

Rebel prisoners at Drama

Women in gaol at Drama, accused of 'helping the enemy'

Government troops bivouacked on northern frontier

Wire cages at mass trial of rebels at Salonika, 1948

Mountain warfare:  a defensive position outside a village in Central Greece

Gorgopotamos viaduct after reconstruction

'Ask our men to take you back . . . ;  Black George's second radio telegram

Black George, pictured behind rebel lines



"Kenneth Matthews is uniquely equipped to chronicle the Greek civil war.  When he was assigned to cover the war as correspondent for the BBC, he was already well acquainted with the country, its people and language.  Memories of a Mountain War is history at first hand, a brilliant eye-witness account which corrects mistakes and omissions in the existing histories.  It is also a record of an exciting personal adventure:  Kenneth Matthews was kidnapped under the Lion Gate at Mycenae and forced to march night and day across the mountains to guerrilla headquarters in the Peloponnese.  The sequence of events from 1944 to 1949 is here set out in full perspective, though the author sees history not so much in terms of political and military manoeuvres as an amalgam of the experiences of individual men and women; their stories, extraordinary as some of them are, light up the narrative with the colours of everyday life."



Historical Note
On Greeks and Bandits

The Liberators
The False Dawn
A Case of Terrorists Terrorized
The "Jeunes Filles en Fleur'
A Mutiny and its Consequences
The Battle of Athens
The Other Face of Revolution
Illusions of Peace

'Why then did it happen?'
The UN Image and its Feet of Clay
The Accelerating War
The Shepherdess's Tale
A Revolutionary at Dinner
On the Symbolism of Trains
The Winter of the Paedomasm
Murder in Salonika Bay
'Those who had bruised the camomile . . . '
Intimations of Victory

The Long Walk
'Ask our men to take you back'