"Greek Kills Holdup Man - Fruit Store Owner in Ravenswood Resists" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1905

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, June 6, 1905

Two Robbers Enter Place Early This
Morning and Proceed to "Go Through"
Till and Pockets of
John Trelikos
Victim's Brother Aroused
by the Noise and Opens Fire on the
Intruders - One Escapes and Other
Is Left Dead.
A holdup man was killed instantly just before 1 o'clock this morning in Ravenswood.

While John Trelikos, a Greek, was preparing to close his fruit store at 1268 East Ravenswood Park two men entered and began to go through the regular formula of robbing the till and the proprietor's pocketbook.  One of the intruders was a white man and the other was a negro.

The noise made by the intruders awakened Michael Trelikos, John's brother, who had been asleep in his little bedroom at the rear of the fruit shop.

Michael seized a revolver and fired three shots, all of them striking the white robber.  He died instantly, having been wounded in the head, the neck, and the side.

The negro fled and at 3 a.m. had not been captured.

The police had not been able at that hour to identify the dead man.  The town hall police are working on the case.