Ancestor Bookmarks

Years ago I saw this idea somewhere and always kept it in the back of my mind as something I would like to try one day. Well today was the day. I took a photograph of my yiayia and papouli and pasted it into a word document, resized to approx. 2" wide and inserted some facts: names, date of marriage, name of church and location. I printed it, cut it to the size I wanted for a bookmark, and took it to the local office supply store where they laminated it for me. It turned out great!

I can have 6 bookmarks laminated for about $1.10 (they charge by the page). I have been trying to come up with some ideas to get my nieces and nephews interested in their Greek family history, so I plan on making a series of these to include grandparents and great-grandparents from both sides of the family. I think I will give them out at the next holiday get together and stimulate some conversations and story telling.

As always, good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.