HellenicGenealogyGeek Upgrade Complete

Hi everyone

I am finally finished with the update to the HellenicGenealogyGeek.com website. As usual, this project took longer than expected. I feel like it was similar to starting a project to fix something in the kitchen, you know, the kind of project that should take 10 minutes, but ends up taking all day!

I have added to the basic Hellenic Genealogy Geek information by including links to outside sources of information and books that you may find helpful with your research.

I have moved the Hellenic Genealogy Geek blog to Google's eblogger. Recent blog entries include - Maps for Greece & Turkey; Masculine Given Names (Greek & English); Surnames (Greek & English); Funeral Register (Guest Books); Gregorian vs. Julian Calendar; Greek Handwriting Samples; Greek Military Enlistment Rolls; Obituaries

Here is a summary of updated website links to-date.

Books - 72 links

Archives / Databases / Vital Records - 110 links

Greek Records available through Family History Library - 24 links

Free Antiquarian Books Online - 30 links

Cemeteries and Funerals - 2 links

Greek Culture and Traditions - 3 links

Directories - 1 link

Extra Documents (Odds & Ends) - 16 links

Family Tree Websites & Area Specific Genealogy Websites - 26 links

Greece Gazetteer & Maps - 8 links

Greek Diaspora - 10 links

Greek Naming Traditions - 5 links

Greek Orthodox Church - 22 links

Historic Photograph Collection - 4 links

"How To" for Greek Genealogy - 3 links

Interviews - 2 links

Language - 3 links

Libraries - 4 links

Mailing Lists - 2 links

Modern Greek History - 3 links

Newspapers and Magazines - 3 links

Orphans / Adoption - 2 links

As always, hope you find this helpful, and good luck with your research.


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