Multicultural Canada Digitization Project

Multicultural Canada digitization project grew from a conviction that the cultural groups that make up Canada have little-known stories that need to be researched and told. Through newspapers, interviews, photographs, print and material culture people tell us who they are. Yet research into Canada’s multi-ethnic communities has been hampered by the relative lack of availability of non-English language materials and other artefacts originating from minority groups. . . . . "

I found the following four articles on Greek's in Canada that you can view online.

"Elusive Community: Greek Settlement in Toronto, 1900-1940"

"The Experience of One Teacher in Greek Communal Schools"

"Greek Immigrant Women from Asia Minor in Prewar Toronto: The Formative Years"

"The Greek Ladies' Philoptoko Society: Its Early Years in Toronto"

To view articles follow this link to the Multicultural Canada Home Page and insert a few key words from the article title into the "Search box".


They also have an "Encyclopedia of Canada's People". There is a section on Greeks - Origins, Migration, Arrival and Settlement, Economic Life, Community Life, Family and Kinship Patterns, Culture, Education, Religion, Politics, Intergroup Relations, Group Maintenance and Ethnic Communities, Further Reading.


Hope some you will find this helpful in your Greek family genealogy research.



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