Book: Greek Community of London - 1,423 Greek Names

I found another great book - "The Greek Community of London" by Timotheos Catsiyannis, Bishop of Militoupolis, Dean of the Greek Cathedral in London - published in 1993.  

He did a fabulous job, creating a very interesting and thorough book that has 783 pages and  what must be approximately 1,000 photographs and copies of documents ( I didn't do an exact count).  

Bishop Catsiyannis also included family trees for the following families of Greek descent:

Rallis Family Tree - (Stefanos Rallis (Born 1690) and Marietta Mavrocordatou)
Mavrocordato Family Tree
Franghiadis Family Tree
Argenti Family Tree
Rodocanachi Family Tree - (Merele branch)
Paul Rodocanachi & Marigo A. Ralli Family Tree
Rodocanachi Family Tree (begins Emmanuel Rodocanachi 1716-1790)
Schilizzi Family living in England (begins Hadzi-zannis Lourentzis Schilizzi (1720-1800) & Franga Avierinou (1738-1806)
Family Tree of Marica Omirou & Elias Mich. Eliadis
Family Tree of Elena E. Venizelou (her mother's family)
Schilizzi Family Tree (Iatroi branch)
Mavrojani Family Family Tree
Scaramanga Family Tree

As usual, I was able to borrow this book through my local library's Inter-library Loan program.  

You can view the TABLE OF CONTENTS at the end of this post.

Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)


PART I.  325 B.C. – 1850 A.D.
The Greek Emigration
Pytheas the Massalliot
Theodore of Canterbury
Early Greek Printers
The Greeks bring Coffee to England
Greek Students
The First Greek Church
The XVIII Century
The Dawn of the XIX Century
The Russian Chapel
The Massacre of Chios
The Beginnings of the present Community
The consolidation of the Greek Community
Institution of the Greek Embassy and Consulate
Greek Chapel
Greek Firms in London:  Ralli Brothers, J. Mavrocordato, Condostavlo, Franghiadi, Ionidis, Argenti, Sechari, Rodocanachi, Schilizzi, Mavrojani, Scaramanga, Zarifi
Other Historical Events:  Greek Cemetery at West Norwood – Spyridon Tricoupis, Second period of office – Events of the late 1840s – Demetrios Kallerghis in London – The Church of Our Saviour London Wall


The Advance of Foreing Firms.  Way to India
The World’s Exhibition.  Stefanos Xenos
Pandias Rallis resigns.  Ionidis new Consul
Signs of Prosperity
Prince Alfred in Athens
The New abode of the Greeks
List of the Greek Firms in 1862
Greek business activities
Assessment of Greek Firms
The Greeks and the Baltic
The Brandt Circulars
Foreing Firms registery
The Leaders of the London money market Rothchild, Baring Bros.
Greek Elections.  King George I in London
The Greek College
Prince of Wales in Athens
New Greek Chruches in Europe
Aghia Sophia
The New Community leadership.  Stephen A. Ralli
Constantinos and Stefanos Moussouros
Demetrios Vikellas
John Gennadios
Panayis Ath. Vaglianos
Minor Historical Events of the Community:  King George in London – Prof. Paparigopoulos lectures – Memorial for Tsar Alejander II – Affairs of Greek College – Crown Prince Costantine in Manchester – Present to William Gladstone - Charilaos Tricoupis’ visit – King George & Queen Olga in London – Centenary of Lord Byron – King George’s silver Jubilee – The Empress of Germany and Princess Sophia in London – Congratulations to Crown Prince Constantine – Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee
Nicolaos Vouvalis
Entering the XXe Century
Zorzis Michalinos
Viscountess Evelyn Bing
Antonios Paraschis
Constantinos Pagonis
After the Great War 1914-1918
Sir Lucas Rallis


P. Dracoulis
S. Pelecanos
Sir John Stavridis
Boris Anrep
Nicolaos Lykiardopoulos
Panayis Lykiardopoulos
Hector Corfiato
Theodoros Vlassopoulos
Minas Rethymnis
Stavros Livanos
Gerasimos Cambitzis
P. Angelos
J. Hadoulis
J. Kulukundis
M. Kuluukundis
J. D. Pateras
J. C. Hadjipateras
N. C. Hadjipateras
A. C. Hadjipateras
Marcos Lyras
Costas Lemos
Demetrios Chandris
Frangoula Goulandris
Marietta Beloussi
Sophia P. Lemos
Maria Kulukundis
Issidoros Caroussis

John D. Criticos


  1. are there copies for sale ? i tried searching the internet but no luck

  2. Marina - I am sorry, but I didn't find this book available either, through Amazon or ABE books. You might want to try searching for an online used book seller in the United Kingdom. I don't know where you are located, but I was able to borrow it through the Worldcat Interlibrary Loan Program at my local library.

  3. If only you knew what John D. Criticos was before his arrival on the scene in 1950 - Posted by Dimitris Konstantine Pateras


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