1944 Distomo Greece Massacre

Town of Distomo (Central Greece) - 

"This year marks the 66th anniversary of atrocities that cost the lives of 228 people, 117 women, and 111 men, including 53 children under the age of 16." - GreekNewsAgenda.com

Watch the Greek TV show online "The New Files":  The Distomo massacre  -- "65 years after a wild massacre, "The New Files: return to the village that was almost wiped out in one day to find out that wounds still remain open."

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)


  1. about the massacre that took place in the village of velvento,march 1944,by towns communist traitors in draging and executing,40 heads of families,doctors,teachers buzines,old and young,some were put to death with axes and knifes,and up to now that heinous crime is being baried and noone had the courage to bring it forth,praying tha you will!thank you

  2. My grandfather and his sister survived the Distomo Massacre but his family were killed his name George Edward Chamales! Any information would be greatly appreciated by his granddaughter Sheryll in Arizona


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