Cyprus - Memories of the Old Country

"Memories of the old country" published September 12, 2010 in the Cyprus Mail.  

"EVERY Sunday, somewhere in the republic, there is a church service in memory of an innocent youth lost forever during the 1974 invasion - tears and recriminations heaped upon a framed photograph."  ..... "Cyprus is in reality so small that Greek-speaking Cypriots all know each other directly or through a mutual acquaintance.  In the old days there was no need for an ID card, we simply asked anyone where he was from and whether he know or was related to so and so - not only did we quickly establish a common link but occasionally uncovered the whereabouts of a lost relative.  I recently learnt that my 4th back-down-the-line-great grandfather, Hadjisavvas was a first cousin of Archbishop Kyprianos, both from the then small village of Stovolos and slaughtered during the 1821 massacre."

"Most pre-1950's Stavolots are blood related no matter its consistency.  'Stovolos Genealogy', by Savvas Karseras, 2010, which covers 250 resident families" ..........

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Good luck with your Greek family history research.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)