The Odyssey of an Immigrant (Greek-American) - T.I. Vavaroutsos

BOOK - THE ODYSSEY OF AN IMMIGRANT - A young immigrant's war-weary life in Greece during WW II, his challenging life in America, the history of Greek immigration to the USA, the history of modern and ancient Greece, Hellenic historic events, and much more...

Authored by Thomas I. Vavaroutsos

Self published in 2013



Between his love of his motherland, Greece, and his adopted land, America, Thanasis Elias Vavaroutsos recounts the horrors of living in war-torn Greece and the strife of daily life in a city under the rule of Hitler's army, starvation, and an agonizing civil war. Simple pleasures and a loving, close-knit family kept a young boy's dreams of America alive. To readers of Hellenic descendancy, this book will bring both tears of pain from the knowledge of the suffering of Greek ancestors, but also joy and pride at being a part of Hellenic heritage, of the brave men and women, their sacrifice, endurance, and love of country. To all readers, this book will serve as a reminder of what our ancestors have done to pave the current road of life that we travel in America. This is the story of one man, still torn between two loves, two countries; a primer on the history of Greece, and a revelation of the immigrant's struggle to be accepted in a new country.

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