11 Greeks in South Africa, Orange Free State, Probate Records 1832-1989

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There are 11 people listing Greece as their place of birth.
George Tarnanis
Speros Dageas
Antonio Lambro
John Karidis
Mary Ann Hepburn
Antonie John Limber
Athanasias Gistaruites
Rudolf Jacbus Nagel
Elizabeth Margerit Louisa
John Gasparis
Nicholas Calyras

This collection includes records from 1832-1989. The province changed names from the Orange Free State to the Free State in 1994.

South African probate records often include heirs, locations, property transfers, wills, and other important information. The most useful records in the collection are the death notices which give detailed information. The probate records usually have multiple pages and are included in a probate file, which is identified by a probate number.

When a person died, the nearest relative or other connection should have completed a death notice and sent it to the Master of the High Court within 14 days of the death.

The original probate records from the Master of the Supreme Court in the Orange Free State, South Africa are located in the Master's Office of the Orange Free State Archives, Bloemfontein.