11,324 born in Greece - Michigan, Death Records, 1867-1952

Ancestry.com has a new database titled MICHIGAN, DEATH RECORDS, 1867-1952 which includes 11,324 people showing Greece as the place of birth.  There are an additional 3,323 born in Turkey, some with Greek names.

This collection contains death registers (1867-1897) as well as certificates (1897-1952) from the state of Michigan. While forms differ, you may find the following details among the records:
  • name of the decedent and place of death
  • gender
  • color or race
  • marital status
  • date of birth
  • age
  • occupation
  • birthplace
  • father's name and birthplace
  • mother's name and birthplace
  • name and address of informant
  • date filed
  • date of death
  • physician's statement and cause of death
  • length of residence, if in a hospital or institution
  • date and place of burial
  • name and address of undertaker
  • later records may include spouse’s name
Due to privacy laws, images are only available for records that are more than 75 years old.