Danville Woman Makes Recording Family History Easy

I would like to refer you to a great little article that was printed on the godanriver.com website November 4, 2009 Danville woman makes recording family history easy”. It tells about Clara Fountain who describes herself as an “obsessive collector” and how she organized her collection of articles on Danville history and pictorial biographies of family history for her relatives. She describes how to duplicate her system for organizing and archiving our collections. I am not the most organized person in the world and was able to pickup a few ideas - hopefully I will put some of them into practice.

And now for the Greek part ---

“…..Fountain explained how she had begun a pictorial biography for one of her best friends, Niki Fallis, who didn’t know a lot about her family history.

In an impressive explanation of genealogical research, Fountain showed all the information about the past that could be gleaned from city directories, newspaper ads, telephone books, online maps and obituaries.

With only a tad bit of information Fallis had shared with her, Fountain was able to put together more than 30 pages of a pictorial biography as a surprise for her friend.

“It always amazes me how much can be created from so little,” Fountain said.

Through her research, Fountain was able to find out such information as a picture of the inside of the restaurant which Fallis’ father co-owned in 1953, when telephone numbers in the city changed from having “SWift” as a prefix to numbers, pictures of her parents’ birthplaces in Greece and a picture of the first Greek language class in Danville.

“You can find anything on the Internet,” Fountain said.”

Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman


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