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I just came across a GREAT website, it’s not new, but for some reason I just found it. I guess that’s why the internet can be so exciting to explore.

This is a website run by the National Hellenic Research Foundation – it is the “Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture”.

It includes some very helpful information –

Name Changes of Settlements in Greece – The collection contains records of the name changes of settlements in Greece between 1913-1996 distributed geographically – you can use the search box or browse through the 4,413 name changes. If you browse through the names in alphabetical order – they are listed as old name – new name. If you find one you are interested in, click on the name, and it will take you to the next screen which will give you all the pertinent data about the name change in both Greek and English i.e. Prefecture, Province, Community or Municipality, Name of Community or Municipality, Code of settlement, Old Name, Date of renaming, Official Journal, New Name.

Modern Greek Visual Prosopography – A collection of more than 12,000 digitized portraits of Greek men and women who have attained distinction in every sphere of life, from the fall of Constantinople (1453) to the present day (living individuals not included). You can search or browse through this collection also.

Heraldic database of Greece – The collection contains 443 photographs of heraldic monuments from all over Greece from the 13th to the 19th century. The research is located mainly in the Latin-occupied Kyklades islands, the Dodecanese islands under the Knights Hospitallers and the Venetian-ruled areas. You can search or browse through this collection also.

People employed in Further, Secondary and Primary Education (19th c.) – A database containing biographical details and list of the works of teachers who have studied in teacher training schools and worked at all levels of public education in the 19th century. – 8,050 people listed (some with photographs) – Search and browse feature available

Other sections of the website include:

Travel Literature on Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean 15th-19th centuries

Greek Cartography

Greek Painters after the Fall of Constantinople

Greek Press

Industrial establishments and workshops in the Aegean

Monastic Archives. Documents from Mount Athos and Patmos

Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Achaia


I must admit I found this site so interesting that I spent time just browsing instead of paying my bills. Couldn't help it.

Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman

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