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Greek Immigrants at Work - A Lowell Odyssey

“Greek Immigrants at Work – A Lowell Odyssey” written by Nicholas V. Karas and published in 1986 by Meteora Press, Lowell, Massachusetts

This book discusses social and labor history of the Greek immigrant community in Lowell, Massachusetts. Many excerpts from interviews and plenty of photographs – I didn’t count, but I would guess at about 200+.

Below you will find the 249 Greek names mentioned in “Greek Immigrants at Work – A Lowell Odyssey”.

Link to background information on Nicholas Karas

Chapter 6 excerpt – Read Online

Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman

A resource for Greek genealogy research.

Alexiou, John

Anastopoulos, Vasilios

Andraktos, Kyriaki

Andricopoulos, Andrew

Andricopoulos, Nicholas


Angelopoulos, James

Anton, Constantine

Antonakis, Pantolis

Antonopoulos, Alexander

Antonopoulos, Arthur

Antonopoulos, Arthur Jr.

Antonopoulos, Charles

Antonopoulos, Charles J.

Antonopoulos, Panagiota

Antonopoulos, Socrates

Arvanitis, Mrs.


Avgerinos, John

Bariahtaris, John

Barjokas, John

Berys, Rose

Bobola, Stanley


Bolianites, Louis

Boutselis, Eftihia

Boutselis, James - aka James Ellis

Boutselis, John

Carr, Bessie

Chachus, Athanasios

Chachus, Stelios


Chaparas, Bessie

Chaparas, Dimitrios

Chaparas, Panagiota

Christopoulos, Demos

Condos, Louis

Constantinides, Constantine

Coravos, Panagiota

Courtis, Aristides

Couzoules, George

Dabekis, John

Dabilis, Nicholas

Dafis, Mr.

Dagoumas, Christy

Dagoumas, John

Daileanes, Costas

Demetroulakos, James

Demogenes, Eli

Demogenes, Peter

Demopoulos, George A., Dr.


Demoulas, Angelo

Demoulas, Anna

Demoulas, Arthur

Demoulas, Florence

Demoulas, George

Demoulas, John

Demoulas, Mike

Dristiliares, George

Dristiliares, Katherine

Dristiliaris, Nicholas

Dristiliaris, William

Economou, George

Economou, John

Economou, Smyriado

Eleftheriou, Apostolos

Eleftheriou, Valerie

Eliades, George C.

Eliopoulos, Bessie

Eliopoulos, Stella

Ellis, James - aka James Boutselis

Ganas, Efthemia

Garabedian, Gus


Gatzimos, George

Gavriel, John

Gavriel, Nicholas


Genakos, Paul

Generales, Demosthenes, Dr.

Genetakos, Peter

Georges, William

Georgoulis, Nicholas

Gianakos, Sarantos

Gianotis, Apostolos


Goulakos, Mrs.

Goulas, Peter

Goulas, Zoe

Goulekas, Helen

Goumis, Maria

Gouvorinos, Chrysoula

Gouyanis, Nikos

Hantzis, Bill

Harris, Arthur

Harris, Elizabeth

Harris, Smyriado

Hatzopoulos, John

Hatzopoulos, Katherine

Hatzopoulos, Mary

Hoopis, Elias

Houpis, Harry

Ioannis, Vasilios

Jeffreys, Peter aka Peter Tsaffaras

Julien, Raoul

Kaklamanos, James

Kaklamanos, Mrs.

Kaknes, William

Kalarites, Steve

Kalogeropoulos, George


Karamousianis, Mary

Karamousianis, Nicholas

Karamousianis, Vaios

Karas, Evangeline

Karas, Nicholas

Karas, Nick

Karas, Vaios

Karas, Vasiliki

Karelas, James

Katelouzous, Christina

Katsaros, Steve

Kerames, Harry

Keramidas, Louis

Kesmetis, George

Kesmetis, Mary

Kokinacos, Nicholas

Kolofolias, Louis J.

Koravos, Joseph

Koravos, Louis

Koravos, Mary

Koravos, Olympia

Kosartes family

Kotopoulos, Alexander

Kouchalakos, Steve

Kourkalaris, Efthemia

Kourkoulakos, James

Koutalis, Antoni



Koutsonikolas, Mary

Kungulos, Constanto

Kyriakos, Arthur

Laganas, Charles

Laganas, Chris

Laganas, George

Lallas, Anastasia



Lekas, Emily

Lollos, Spiros

Macheras, Anna

Macheras, Demosthenes

Macheras, George

Macheras, Katherine

Macheras, Peter A.

Maios, Aristea

Maios, Nicholas

Malatras, Arthur


Malonis, Despo

Manolopoulos, Panagioti

Markopoulos, Costas

Martakos, Martin

Mastakouris, Sotirios

Megdanis, Thomas "Tracy"

Metilinos, Jimmy

Metrenes, Sam

Metrenis, Evangeline


Miamis, George

Miamis, Panagiota

Miamis, Panagoula

Michaels, Spike

Michalides, Polixeni

Mpbota, Kitsa

Palavras, James



Papachristos, Constantine

Paparisis, George

Pappadeas, Angelike

Pappas, Louis

Pappas, Tom

Paras, Peter

Pergakis, Nicholas

Petrakos, Peter

Petropoulakos, Nicholas

Poulios, Tarsy

Psoinos, George

Psoinos, Nicholas


Releas, Anastasia

Releas, Sophia

Releas, Thomas

Rhangos, Charles B.

Rigopoulos, Effie

Rousis, Demitro

Routsis, Anastasia

Routsis, John

Salepakos, Arthur

Sampatakakis, George

Sampson, Ellen A.

Sampson, Samuel

Sarris, Peter

Sereflis, Stelios

Serfeles, Aphrodite

Serfelis, Aphrodite

Skalkeas, George

Sokorelis, Vasiliki

Spanos, George

Spanos, James

Spanos, John

Stamas, Dr.

Stylos, Achilles

Stylos, Louis

Svelantopoulos, Christo

Syeros, James

Tavoularis, Nicholas

Themeles, Jim

Theophanis Frank

Tournas, George


Tsaffaras, Charles

Tsaffaras, James

Tsaffaras, Peter aka Peter Jeffreys

Tsandikos, Anthoula


Tsongas, Antoni

Tsoulias, Christos

Tsoulias, Nicholas

Tsoumas, Bessie


Tzanetakos, Nicholas

Varsames, Caliope

Varsames, John


Vergados, Louis

Veves, Helen

Vlahogianis, Aristides

Vlahogianis, Theopoula

Vurgaropulos, Costas

Vurgaropulos, Xenophon

Xaros, Evangeline

Zaharia, Fotis

Zaharia, Sava

Zaharias, Costas

Ziogas, Lucas

Zografos, Charles

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