Andrew Jendrezejewski Greek Family Website

Andrew Jendrezejewski Greek Family Website

This is an interesting family website, take a look.  Researching names Halkiopoulos, Halkiopoulou, Logaras.

"Hi! I'm Andy Jendrzejewski. Welcome to the story about the Greek side of my family. I have been tracing the Halkiopoulos family from the Ionian Islands, west of the Greek mainland, to Thira and Crete in the Aegean Sea and the Logaras and Limberis families on Samos Island off the coast of Turkey. These families have spread to Egypt, South Africa, Australia and The United States. My research has lead me to consider the history of these regions rather closely in some respects in order to discover clues to these families' histories. Greek research is very difficult in Greece itself and relatively undeveloped when compared to the genealogies and histories of other European countries."  Read more . . . .

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