Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Mikrasia Revisited: A Glimpse of Peristasi in Eastern Thrace" article by J. L. Marketos

"Mikrasia Revisited:  A Glimpse of Peristasi in Eastern Thrace" article by James L. Marketos, Esq. published on the Hellenic Communication Service, L.L.C. website (Posting date 02 July 2010. Reproduced with permission of the author. The article has also appeared in Odyssey magazine, November/December 2007, pp94-95, under the title "A Glimpse of Peristasi.")

"Marketos writes eloquently and poignantly about a trip taken by his mother to her ancestral Greek village in occuped Thrace. Although nearly all traces of the village's Greek character and origin had been erased or lost since the exchange of populations, one village elder recalled her family, offering a tenuous link to the childhood stories her own mother had related often."  Read more. . . . 

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