1907 (September) New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists - 78 GREEK Passengers

1907 New Orleans, Louisiana Passenger Lists

I have transcribed the names of passengers listing either GREECE as their place of birth, or GREEK as their nationality.

The names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists, digitized from National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm.  You can visit the website National Archives - Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Arrival Records) for further information.

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Due to the ever changing nature of the internet, there may also be other resources available where you can view these images.


Arrived 9 September 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Ellis (Port of Departure - Colon, Panama)
Constantina Cacaromidas
Antonio Capudanis
Jacomis Halas

Arrived 23 September 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Eugenia (Port of Departure - Patras, Greece)
Constantinos Alexandropoulos
Kenospiros Angelos
Nicolaos Antoniou
Georgios Argyros
Coustantinos Atarfas
Athanassios Beltsiotis
Anastassios Biniaris
Lampros Biras
Panagiotis Boviatsis
Demetrios Boviatsis
Christos Caclanianis
Themistoclis Campropulos
Spiros Carachalios
Apostolos Carmas
Athanassios Chachalis
Dimos Charalampos
Athanassios Christodoulou
Krinarchos Condogiorgis
Costantinos Contogeorgis
Nicolaos Dimaras
Dimitrios Economou
Dimitrios Georgacas
Panagiotis Georgolias
Stavros Gianacopulos
Periclis Gotsis
Vasilios Gotsis
Panagiotis Gotsis
Constantinus Goubelas
George Hatzis
Constantinos Isaconas
Panagiotis Isontsos
Antonios Isontsos
Panagiotis Kioussis
Michael Kipouros
Ioannis Loumas
Dimitrios Marmaros
Anastassios Mermigas
Evangelos Mitsianis
Alexandros Morssis
George Nicolas

Arrived 23 September 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Harry T. Inge (Port of Departure - Colon, Panama)
Mehan Condezas
Thomas Constadris
Apestoles Dunebre
Themestoker Galavoplis
Gugorgas Kordas

Arrived 26 September 1907 in New Orleans, La. on the SS Athemana (Port of Departure - Colon, Panama)
George Angelo
George Nicola