History of the Order of AHEPA - The Years 1931-34 (Includes 427 Names)

The following is courtesy of the ORDER OF AHEPA - Taken from the book "The History of the Order of Ahepa (The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) 1922-1972" by George J. Leber, Executive Secretary of the Order of Ahepa.  Published by the Order of Ahepa, Washington, D.C. 1972.

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CHAPTER FIVE:  The Years 1931-34

The Ninth Supreme Convention was held in San Francisco, Calif., August 24-31, 1931, with 169 delegates present.

The Chapter delegates were:
George C. Cassimus and Gus L. Constantine, Birmingham
Theo S. Zuppas, Tulsa
Jerry Galatis, Miami
John K. Douglas, Tarpon Springs
Nicholas A. Loumos, Boston
James D. Jameson, New York City
James Kontometros and Louis Peet, Houston
C.J. Coventaros, Baltimore
Soterios Nicholson and George C. Vournas, Washington, D.C.
Fred Spanos, Cleveland
D. Makris, Syracuse
George Polites, Brooklyn
George Papaeleas, New York City
D. Parry, Chicago
Alexander J. Critzas, Yonkers, N.Y.
James N. Pappas, Newark
Nick Softis and Harry Stathis, St. Louis
A. G. Angelson and August Rogokos, Paterson, N.J.
D. N. Karalis, Minneapolis
William Essaris, Wheeling, W. Va.
James Veras, Scranton, Pa.
Nicholas Lambadakis, Jamaica, N.Y.
Basil C. Aronis, Warren, Ohio
Charles Stathakos, Buffalo
C. J. Thomas, Chicago
George D. Tsoulos and G. A. Kyriakopoulos, Chicago
John Govatos, Wilmington, Del.
Constantine G. Psaki, Astoria
Peter Vanech, Stamford, Conn.
Lew Blatz, Oak Park, Ill.
George P. Chacona, Erie, Pa.
Anthony Laganis, Pottsville, Pa.
John A. Givas, Plainfield, N.J.
Mathew Frangedakis, Lewiston, Me.
A. E. Couloheras, New Orleans
C. G. Paris, Lynchburg, Va.
N.K. Kotro-Manes and Mike Papanicholas, Salt Lake City
Chris C. Harvalis, Omaha
Chris Katon and George C. Peterson, San Francisco
D. Sterios, Fresno, Cal.
E. J. Fostinis and John Pappageorge, Los Angeles
George E. Zamm, Sacramento, Cal.
John D. Damis and Panos Lampros, Portland, Ore.
George A. Loutas, Caspter, Wyo.
Teddy Kallis, Pueblo, Colo.
George Peterson, Grand Island, Nebr.
Sam N. Vlahos and Tom Michaels, Oakland
Robert Katson and John A. Dimmis, Albuquerque, N. Mex.
E. T. Morisse and Thomas D. Lentgis, Seattle
Nick Dougas and Christ Manthon, Tacoma
James Rizis, Aberdeen, Wash.
John Damascus and Nick Bouras, Spokane
Gust Davis, Rock Springs, Wyo.
Charles E. Rallis and George Zavos, Green River, Wyo.
William J. Pappas, Bingham Canyon, Utah
A. D. Batestas, Ogden, Utah
George Karasoulas and Nicholas Salevourakis, Price, Utah
Sam Bushong, Wichita, Kans.
Gust Dariotis, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
James V. Pananes, Hagerstown, Md.
Paul M. Costas, Cedar Rapids, Ia.
George J. Polos, Calexico, Cal.
D. G. Michalopoulos and James Kallas, Chicago
A. A. Pantelis, Evanston, Ill.
Stephen Falakos, Chicago
Theodore Daldakis, Butte, Mont.
Nicholas Pappadiamantis, Ft. Dodge, Ia.
P. T. Kisciras, Cheyenne, Wyo.
George D. Poulos, Stockton, Calif
Peter Grakos, Vallejo, Calif.
Milton Stamatis and Chris Johnson, Phoenix
George M. Poulos, Ventura, Calif.
George M. Kalliris and Gregory Trompas, San Diego, Calif.
James Lucas, Bakersfield, Calif.
Edgar P. Carlton, Philadelphia, Pa.
V. G. Kyriacopoulos and A. A. Angelos, Marysville, Calif.
George N. Geranios, Great Falls, Mont.
Nick Johnson, Roseville, Calif.
Constantine A. Tsangadas, Detroit
Andrew Sanderson, Kansas City, Mo.
Constantine Stephanson, Chester, Pa.
George J. Triphon, Sacramento, Calif.
James A. Woonas, Mason City, Ia.
I.A. Lougaris and William Coleman, Ely, Nev.
Andy Poulos, Dubuque, Ia.
George Cordas, Boise, Idaho
Chris A. Arthunas, Eureka, Calif.
Peter Clandinos and Angelo Pappas, Reno, Nev.
Nick Papadakis, San Pedro
Peter Boudoures and Theodore C. Andronicos, San Francisco
Gust Pantoplos, Billings, Mont.
Steve Adams and Tony G. Kordopatis, Pocatello, Idaho
James Demoplos, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Louis M. Pashos and Tom Poulos, Santa Barbara
George Kounias, Modesto, Calif.
Louis Frangos, San Jose
George N. Cominos and George J. Christo, Salinas, Calif.
Jim Kelly, Boise, Idaho
George Kotosogean, Bellingham, Wash.
John Papadoulis, Pittsburg, Calif.
Andy Poulos, Dubuque, Ia.
G. Georgiades, Gallup, N. Mex.
Christ Arthimas, Eureka, Calif.
A. C. Johns, Port Angeles, Wash.
James Tousses, Sheridan, Wyo.
George Karathanasis, Everett, Wash.
Evangelos Kilismanis, Toronto, Canada
Thomas Stamatis, Vancouver, Canada
Eustace Gravaris, Montreal, Canada
George Vlasis, Regina, Canada

The San Francisco convention also elected the District Governors of the new 36 Ahepa Districts, who would serve in office until their respective Districts held conventions in 1932, and elect their own successors.  Therefore, the first Ahepa District Governors elected were:  (the District number follows each name)
Matthew Frangedakis, #1
George Eliades, #2
George Cassimatis, #3
Costas Vanech, #4
Charles Stathakos, #5
George Papaeleas, #6
John Grivas, #7
C. Conventaros, #8
Dr. George Paskopoulos, #9
Nick Copanos, #10
William Essaris, #11
C. G. Paris, #12
James Orphanos, #13
Dr. G. M. Saliba, #14
Peter Galatis, #15
George Cassimus, #16
George Staffens, #17
Peter Magas, #18
William Zilson, #19
Charles Shane, #20
G. A. Kyriakopoulos, #21
M. D. Konomos, #22
A. E. Couloheras, #23
Andrew Sanderson, #24
Paul M. Costas, #25
Christ Harvalis, #26
James Dikeou, #27
George Georgeades, #28
George Ellis, #29
C. E. Athas, #30
Theodore Dadakis, #31
George Tryphon, #32
S. E. Katapodis, #33
George Plastiras, #34
E. Kalismanis, #35
E. Gravaris, #36


The new Supreme Lodge elected by the convention for the fiscal year 1931-32 was:
Harris J. Booras, Supreme President
Teodore Andronicos, Supreme Vice President
Achilles Catsonis, Supreme Secretary
Andrew Jarvis, Supreme Treasurer
Soterios Nicholson, Supreme Counsellor
C. R. Nixon, Supreme Governor
Peter G. Sikokis, Supreme Governor


The fraternity's Tenth Supreme Convention was held in Baltimore, Md., during the week of August 29 - September 5, 1932, and the Convention Officers elected were:
D. G. Michalopoulos of Chicago, Chairman
Constantine G. Economou of Youngstown, Ohio, Vice Chairman
James Apostolakos of Newark, N.J., Secretary

Delegates to the convention were:

Supreme Lodge Officers
Harris J. Booras
Theodore C. Andronicos
Achilles Catsonis
Andrew Jarvis
Soterios Nicholson
Peter Sikokis
C. R. Nixon

Mother Lodge Members
Nicholas D. Chotas
James Campbell
Harry Angelopoulos
George A. Polos
John Angelopoulos

Past Supreme Presidents
George E. Phillies

Chapter Delegates
James Chieflakos and James Campbell, Atlanta
Dave Karnazes, Charlotte, N.C.
Andrew Lamas, Savannah
Speros Zepatos, Memphis
Jerry Galatis, Miami
Victor H. Semos, Dallas
James T. Thomas, Boston
Ulius L. Amoss and Polydore Giovani, Nw York City
Marios Chios and George Polos, Phiadelphia
Nick Madinos and C.J. Coventaros, Baltimore
George Thomaides and Peter D. Chipouras, Washington, D.C.
James Orphanos, Winston-Salem
George Dracon, Cleveland
Nicholas Anagnos, Syracuse
George P. Thompson, Brookline, Mass.
Constantine Tsangadas and Charles H. Diamond, Detroit
Menelaos Constantinides, Brooklyn
George Papaelias and James J. Garis, New York city
Vasilios A. Vasiliou, Manchester
D. Parry, Chicago
C. J. Critzas and Andrew M. Ellison, Yonkers
Peter N. Kitsos and James Apostolakos, Newark
John Karzin and C. B. Johannides, St. Louis
Andrew C. Angelson and John Vasiliou, Paterson, N.J.
Andrw Nickas, Canton, Ohio
George Fullas and Peter Nicas, Allentown, Pa.
George Thomas and George Paskopoulos, Reading, Pa.
James Alexander and Nick Notarys, Harrisburg, Pa.
Anthony Cambanes, Bethlehem, Pa.
William Essaris and Peter Papamichael, Wheeling
Costas Theodorides, Camden, N.J.
Soterios Lagges and Peter H. Stathopoulos, Lancaster, Pa.
Mike Nickles, Trenton, N.J.
Demetrius Comuntzis, Sunbury, Pa.
Chris Nicholas, Binghamton, N.Y.
Parasco E. Volo and John Lincoln, Gary, Ind.
A. G. Capourelos and Andrew Varikis, Chester, Pa.
Michael Vamvas, Worcester, Mass
S.S. Spathey, Richmond
James Veras, Scranton, Pa.
James Mazarakos, Springfield, Mass.
Christos Katis, Jamaica
Peter Askounis and John Boroviles, New Castle, Pa.
Basil C. Aronis and Jim Morris, Warren
Constantine G. Economou, Youngstown
George Panasis and Charles Gregory, Danbury, Conn.  
James Conomis, Buffalo
Arthur H. Peponis, Chicago
D.G. Michalopoulos, Chicago
John Govatos and G. Kremedes, Wilmington, Del.
George E. Johnson and John Papadopoulos, Astoria
James Carson, New Haven
Angelo N. Caras and Peter Maryanopoulos, Stamford, Conn.
George Eliades, Lowell
Peter G. Samaras, Weirton
A. N. Collias, Oak Park, Ill.
Louis Tsingardas, Marlboro, Mass.
E. G. Vaffeus and John Callas, Jersey City
Thomas Christos, Pottsville, Pa.
George Poole, Elmira, N.Y.
George Steffens, Dayton
John A. Givas and Michael J. Loupassakis, Plainfield, N.J.
Peter Bekeros, Newburgh, N.Y.
Louis G. Caralis, Uniontown, Pa.
Thomas Fisher, Toledo
Paul Veonas and Peter Forchas, Norfolk, Va.
Louis Passalis, Schenectady
Gabriel Caracostas, Meriden, Conn.
Christ P. Harritos, Cincinnati
Mathew Frangedakis, Lewiston, Maine
George Contos, Joliet, Ill.
Jimmy Rantis, Bluefield, W. Va.
George Nicolaides and Constantine Pelias, New Orleans
C. G. Paris, Lynchburg, Va.
William Petrakis and Theodore Pekras, Columbus
Harry Morris, Utica, N.Y.
Peter Jevas, Lorain, Ohio
Elias Kapuris, Denver
P.S. Marthakis and C.E. Athas, Salt Lake City
Tom Kademenos, Yorkville, Ohio
George C. Peterson, San Francisco
George Aposporos and George Chamuris, Poughkeepsie
George Metropoulos, Detroit
M. Moschides, Atlantic City
Nick Nichols, Freeport, N.Y.
Alex Pavellas, Oakland
Robert Katson, Albuquerque
Paul Pappas, Green River, Wyo.
V. I. Chebithes and Aleck Cootsis, New York City
Albert Offenstein, Wichita, Kans.
James Corisis, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Tom Rallis and John Zanios, Des Moines
James Pananes, Hagerstown, Md.
Aristides Palaynes, Grand Rapids
Theologos Kalpakis and Paul Kare,  Chicago
Frank Pofanti, Chicago
George Poolitsan, Middletown, Ohio
Thomas G. Cambor, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Emanuel Garvilis, Portsmouth, N.H.
Panos Dadiras, Waukegan, Ill.
Mitchell Karomfily and Basil Milionis, Philadelphia
Peter Boudoures, San Francisco
George C. Vournas and Peter Kreticson, Washington, D.C.
James Demoplos, Oklahoma City
M. G. Koumas and Nick Zomphlis, Newport News, Va.
George L. Pappas, Rutland, Vt.
Nicholas H. Colovos, Dover, N.H.
John Panagiotou, Greensboro, N.C.
John Costovetes, Chicago
George Georgiades and Peter Libek, Gallup, N. Mex.
A. L. Peters, Tucson
Phidias Pallis and Andrew Fillias, Elizabeth, N.J.
Steve Changaris, Durham, N.C.
Jean M. Kossarides, Hackensack, N.J.
Thomas Nichols and George Pappas, Annapolis, Md.
Kenneth J. Doukas, Perth Amboy, N.J.
Panagiotis Exacoustos, Toronto
Nicholas Kerry, Montreal
George Plastiras, Edmonton, Canada

The newly-elected Supreme Lodge officers elected for a two-year term were:
Harris J. Booras, Supreme President
P.S. Marthakis, Supreme Vice President
Achilles Catsonis, Supreme Secretary
George L. Pappas, Supreme Treasurer
George C. Vournas, Supreme Counsellor
C. E. Athas, Supreme Governor
Robert Katson, Supreme Governor


During the year of 1932, Ahepa Scholarships were awarded to the following students:
E. J Demas, New York City
Spirros P. Sarris, Lowell, Mass.
Anthony Andrutsopoulos, Canton, Ohio
Nicholas Argyr, Pueblo, Colo.
Nicholas Chaltas, Buffalo, N.Y.
Helen Collis, McGill, Nev.
Theodore F. Constant, Norfolk, Va.
Kimon Friar, Forest Park, Ill.
Alexander Georgacopoulos, Milwaukee
Vera George, South Bend
Gregory C. Hoot, Newport, R.I.
Anthony G. Kapourelos, Chester, Pa.
Takis Katsoulis, Seattle
George Lampropoulos, Pawtucket, R.I.
Nicholas Logothets, Newport, R.I.
Manuel Mamalakis, Savannah
Nick Papadionysiou, Weirton, W. Va.
Nicholas J. Pappas, Atlanta
Constantinos Pavellas, San Francisco
Harry S. Perdikis, Lawrence, Mass.
Paul Prodis, New York City
James G. Rizos, Roanoke, Va.
George Sotirion, Chicopee, Mass.
George Stavropoulos, Salt Lake City
Chris J. Tsenes, St. Louis
John N. Valianos, San Francisco
William J. Vasiliou, Poughkeepsie
William Vlackoulis, Brooklyn


The Supreme Lodge awarded Ahepa Scholarships to the following on Oct. 4, 1933:
Leonidas Alaoglou, Edmonton, Canada
Anthony Andrutsopoulos, Canton, Ohio
Theodore Antonakos, High Point, N.C.
James Argyres, Oakland, Cal.
Nick Capos, Seattle
Nicholas G. Chaltas, Buffalo
George Chatalas, Seattle
Matthew Eli Chotas, Atlanta
Harry L. Courounis, Nashua
Bob N. Fassoulis, Syracuse
A. J. Georgacopoulos, Milwaukee
Christy Hanas, New Haven
Gregory C. Hoot, Newport, R.I.
Vasilios S. Lambros, Washington, D.C.
John C. Liliopoulos, Manchester
Dennis J. Livadas, Utica, N.Y.
Peter A. Machinis,  Chicago
George L. Mihos, Brockton, Mass.
Peter Mousolite, Cedar Rapids
Harry G. Nickles, Philadelphia
Platonia E. Papps, Detroit
Peter V. Paulus, Canton
Harry S. Perdikis, Lawrence, Mass.
George J. Pohas, Salem, Mass.
Theodore G. Psilolihnos, Chicago
Spiros P. Sarris, Lowell
Harry Sembekos, Washington, D.C.
Arthur G. Skandalis, Lowell
George A. Sotirion, Chicopee, Mass.
Chris D. Tsoulos, Chicago
Steve Very, Rutland, Vt.
Leo E. Ypsilanti, New York City