15 GREEKS in Menands, New York, Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards, 1791-2011

There are 15 people who show GREECE as their place of birth in this Ancestry.com database.  I have transcribed their names and listed them below.  If you do not have a subscription to Ancestry.com, most U.S. libraries offer access for FREE..

Database information provided by Ancestry.com

This database contains burial cards recording details on people interred in the Albany Rural Cemetery.
Historical Background
The typewritten cards contained in this database catalog all internments at the Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, New York. The cemetery was incorporated in 1841 in response to two needs. As church burial grounds filled, a city cemetery was opened in the 1780s. When this proved inadequate, another municipal cemetery was established in 1801, and many of those previously interred at the old cemetery were moved to this site. However, because of flooding problems at the 1801 site, Albany Rural Cemetery was created, and bodies were moved again from the 1801 cemetery to be reinterred at the present site.
What You May Find in the Records
Though the cards in this database record burials in the Albany Rural Cemetery, many feature more than just details about interment; they often contain birth information and other important genealogical data, such as
  • name
  • place of birth
  • place of death
  • late residence
  • date of death
  • date of interment
  • cause of death
  • age
  • lot details
  • family relationships
Information was sometimes recorded on the back of the cards as well, so if you find an ancestor, you will want to use the arrow keys to check both sides. If there were no details recorded on the back of the card, it was not scanned and will not be included here.


People who have GREECE recorded as their place of birth

Mrs. Delphine Cholakis - b. abt 1863 - d. 13 Sep 1939

John Coclanis - b. abt 1887 - d. 5 Oct 1923

Stergios Kondomissios - b. 23 Apr 1923 - d. 16 Jan 2007

Mary G. Miles - b. 25 Dec 1914 - d. 9 Oct 1990

Mrs. Ardemes Pezdigian Minoogian - b. 1 Jan 1900 - d. 31 Aug 1960

Elizabeth M. With Nigro - b. 31 Oct 1971 - d. 19 Dec 2001

Lilian Pagones - b. abt 1888 - d. 17 Apr 1919

Thomas Pappas - b. abt 1885 - d. 12 Jul 1906

Alexander Sarvakis - b. 30 May 1896 - d. 23 Jun 1955

Efterpi A. Sarvakis - b. 12 May 1910 - d. 31 May 1984

William Siokas - b. abt 1895 - d. 23 Feb 1929

George N. Tongan - b. 23 May 1885 - d. 26 Apr 1929

John Tongas - b. 30 Apr 1893 - d. 29 May 1964

Reno S. Knouse - b. 23 Feb 1908 - d. 4 Oct 1982

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