U.S. Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865 (39 People Recorded with GREECE as Place of Birth)


There are 39 people who are recorded with GREECE as their place of birth in this Ancestry.com database.  I have transcribed the names and listed them below for your review.  (Note:  There are also 28 other individuals who show up in the results of a search for people born in Greece.  These people have Chio listed as their place of birth, however, when I gave the actual records more scrutiny, I believe the transcriber meant Ohio.)  

Please view the database directly for more information.  If you do not have a subscription to Ancestry.com, most U.S. libraries offer access for FREE.

Description from Ancestry.com

This is a collection of lists of Civil War Draft Registrations. There were four drafts between 1863 and 1865, which included 3.175 million records. Historically, the 1863 draft was one of the most tenuous moments in the Union outside of the battles fought on Northern soil. Most of the concern was due to the draft riots that took place in New York in 1863.

These records include 631 volumes of registries and are basically lists of individuals who registered for the draft. The records are split into two different classes, Class I are those aged 20-35 as well as those 36-45 and unmarried. Class II is everyone else that registered.
The registry contains information including:
  • Class
  • Congressional district
  • County
  • State
  • Residence
  • Name
  • Age on July 1, 1863
  • Race
  • Profession
  • Married status
  • Birthplace
  • Former military service
  • Remarks
The actual draft registration records are available in NARA regional archives and sometimes contain more information than the consolidated lists.

Name - Estimated Birth Year

Alex Agelasto - b. about 1831

William H. Allen - b. about 1823

Francis Allison - b. about 1832

Mathew Ashland - b. about 1819

Delos Balch - b. about 1835

Stephen Blasko - b. about 1823

Dominic Carra - b. about 1823

A. Charles - b. about 1838

Seon Charles - b. about 1839

A. M. Crisson - b. about 1831

Antonia Cutis - b. about 1829

Hypolite Demor - b. about 1843

Peter Dennis - b. about 1831

Constanti Desilia - b. about 1827

John Effmon - b. about 1826

George Ellis - b. about 1823

Phocius Fiske - b. about 1819

Peter Loraine - b. about 1832

Horace Love - b. about 1839

Roger Love - b. about 1842

Samuel Mellichansky - b. about 1843

Lucas M. Miller - b. about 1826

John Mitchell - b. about 1827

William Moloy - b. about 1841

Peter Mounell - b. about 1833

Frank Nichols - b. about 1835

George Pearce - b. about 1819

George Peirce - b. about 1823

Anistus Petracki - b. about 1843

Leuncolus Pismucle - b. about 1829

Stretus Ralli - b. about 1834

Constantine Reily - b. about 1823

William Scoffield - b. about 1826

Hanford Squires - b. about 1828

Otto Stezene - b. about 1826

John Williams - b. about 1824

Augustina Zara - b. about 1828

William Zeigler - b. about 1822

James G. T. Zeigler - b. about 1826

Peter Zenos - b. about 1841