Austria, Vienna Population Cards - 87 Recorded with GREECE as Place of Birth

AUSTRIA, VIENNA POPULATION CARDS - link to records in FREE database

This FamilySearch database includes 87 people who are recorded with GREECE as their birthplace.  I have listed their names below for your review.

Partial Description of Database from FamilySearch:

Population cards for individual residents of the city of Vienna, Austria. The cards include: name; birth date and place; marital status; old and new places of residence; and dates of arrival and departure. Frequently the names of the spouse and children are listed. Many people from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Eastern Europe passed through Vienna and may be included on these cards. The broader collection was maintained from 1850 through 1928. The current publication, however, only includes information on individuals born before 1897 (115 years and older). - - - - You can view further information on these records at this link.

The following are people listed in this database recorded with GREECE as their birthplace:

Georg Agathoklis

Henri Abravanel

Abramino Abdela

Abramino (Nino) Abdela

Murteza Abdi

Murtena Abdi

Dan Abdela

George Agathoklis

Nino Abdela

Rafael J. Abdela

Elia Abdela

Jacques Abdela

Konstantin Athanassakis

Themistocles Athanassoula

George Athanassakis

Albert Artin

Albert Asseo

Aron Salomon Asseo

Jacques Asseo

Huda Asseo

Raoul Aaron Asseo

Sterios Ath Aspriotis

Jaques Assev

Marcel Aslan

Moise Ezza

Coudret Ehat

Constantin Eugeniades

Eugene Eugeniadez

Eugene Eugeniado

Eugen Eugeniadis

Ezra Moise

Epamenondes Mitzithrus

Mehmed Eschreff

Konstantin Oekonom

Isaac Josef Ergas

Abdi Edhem

Kleomenis Oekonomides

Constantin Economon

George Economidis

Jean Oekonomides

Johann Economides

Michael Oekonomopulos

Michalis Oekonomopulos

Nicolaus Economu

Sotirios Oeconomides

Abdi Edhem

Nicolaus Economou

Sotirios Oeconomides

Abraham Estrug Nois

Lam Amhatielo

Josef Ae?on

Jean Alberti

Anton Adrianopoulos

Christos M. Argysopoulos

Salomon Assael

Mehmed Emin

Sotiris Andreopulos

Angel Anapliotis

Stefan Antonius

Spiros Exarchopulos

Albert Allalouf

Abdul Dometri

George Alexandrou

Huranusi Alexiades

Wassilius Alexander

Moise D. Aelion

George Averoff

Eugen Eugeniader

Basile Eleftherion

Michael S. Eulambio

Abraham Ezratti

Didier Aslan-Zumpart

Nicolo C. Anastastachi

Constantin Anastassakis

Constantin N. Anastassakis

Juda Arocek

Periklis W. Archiklis

Georges Argiri

Anast Aravantius

Johan Apostolidis

Atridey Apoistolides

Alekos Antonopulos

Alekos Autonopoulos

Alexander Antoniou

Stefan Antoni

Aristoteles Argyropulos

Leonidas Christ Arnioptis