1,700+ Greeks listed in England & Wales Probate Calendar 1858-1966 (Index of Wills and Administrations)

I was browsing through Ancestry.com databases and found that there were over 1,700 Greeks listed in the Calendar to England & Wales Probate Records.   

Above are two examples of what an entry may look like.  They definitely look like they could lead to some very interesting information.  "This collection contains summaries of the vast majority of probate cases in England and Wales between 1858-1966.  It effectively forms an index to wills and probate records for this period."

You can find more information on England Probate records on the FamilySearch wiki 

The Ancestry.com link to this database - England & Wales Probate Calendar 

You can order a copy of the will or probate records from the UK Justice Department 

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