"No Man Is An Island" short film about amazing survival of Jewish community on Zakynthos during Holocaust

"It’s a sultry, still day in September 1943 on the peaceful island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea.

An innocent seven year old named Dionysis has skipped school and is daydreaming high up in the mountains when all of the sudden a shepherd appears and asks him to run to the town elders to inform them that the ‘boogieman’ has arrived.

Just as little Dionysis does as he was told, the first Nazi soldiers march into the town square.

Nazi law is imposed on the island. Defiance would be punishable by death. Swastika flags were hung from the Town Hall and SS Kommandant Lütt stepped ashore to deliver the Führer’s agenda in person.

The leaders of the island, Archbishop Chrysostomos and Mayor Lukas Carrer were summoned by the Kommandant. All Jews were to be surrendered before noon the following day to be taken by ship bound for a place devoted to their final solution. He warned them that anyone harboring Jews would be shot."

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