My Big Pile of Misc Genealogy Notes

I am one of those people who jots down notes whenever something occurs to me,  I see something on the internet, or my mother tells me a story about her family, etc.    

I have a lot of great ideas, I just don't know where I put them!

Today I gathered my different piles of notes (there are probably some other ones hiding somewhere), and decided I would get organized.  By the way, I've made this commitment before - many times.

The reason for my new found enthusiasm is that I am having trouble moving forward with my research.  I'm spinning my wheels at this point.  Every time I want to start searching for details about one of my ancestors, I can't move forward because I think "maybe I already did this."  A research log is also something I need.

Of course all of my good intentions won't make any difference if I am not disciplined and stick to it.

This time I am going to try  - It seems simple to use.  I can have it installed on all my devices and it will sync the information to my main account on the Evernote Web.  I don't have to worry if one of my devices go down.  Everything is in my private account.   

I can setup folders for each of the Surnames I am researching.  They show up in the left hand column.

The middle column will show a snippet of all note pages I have created under a particular surname.

The right hand column is the actual note page you are working on.  


I will continue to input information and let you know what I think.  If anyone has another method to keep track of all our little genealogy notes, please share your thoughts.

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