Chios Maritime Museum


The Maritime Museum represents an age of Chios passed. It is a private collection whose main objective is to illustrate historical and cultural relationship Chios has with the sea though exhibits full of vigor and passion. It also aims to raise awareness of naval tradition with exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and through cooperation with their counterparts in the Aegean. The museum is in the center of town, housed in a traditional building which was donated by the heirs of Anastasiou and Maroukos Fatherfor in 1991. The primary goal of the museum is to explain the important social side of the island, collecting and collating historical information associated with maritime tradition. The museum also hosts lectures and conferences on island life and shipping, in cooperation with other museums of the Greek islands. Another important goal of the museum is to highlight the role of Chian shipping during the Second World War and the subsequent period of postwar reconstruction, with the adoption of American Liberty. One of the key features of the museum is a small collection of the Progressive Cultural Union Vrontados (P.E.K.E.V.). Ship models, parts of vessels and paintings depicting sailing ships and steamships painted by Vrondadian artist Aristides Sweet (1870-1940).