"San Antonio's Greeks Heroes of World War" article - San Antonio Evening News , Texas - 4 October 1919

Published in the San Antonio Evening News
San Antonio, Texas
4 October 1919

Fighting Overseas Finds
Ready Response Among
Leaders of City

Although there are less than half a hundred Greeks in San Antonio, this city furnished a quota in Uncle Sam's armies of more than 26 men whose nationality was Greek before they sought the wider freedom of America.  Others, whose deferred classification insured exemption from military service in this country, returned to Europe at their own expense to enlist in the Greek army.  Tom Anthony, one of the proprietors of the Manhattan Cafe on Houston Street, was one of the latter.

After the deposition of King Constantine all close observers of the affairs of Greece knew that she would cast her lot with the other democracies of the world.  Accordingly, many American citizens who were born in Greece returned to fight for freedom in the armies of the mother country.  It is, however, a matter of record that these young patriots first fulfilled their obligations to America.  

There were many proofs of the zealous patriotism of the Greek-American soldiers.  Harry Slam, who is now connected with the Queen Candy Company of this city, unwittingly made himself quite a hero before leaving his training camp.  He was stationed at Camp Eustis, Virginia, at the time of one of the drives for war-work funds.  Although his salary was not more than sufficient to meet every-day expenses he gave $250 to the fund.

The 82d Division, which lost more than half its personnel in bitter fighting in the Argonne, was composed largely of Greek-Americans.  The "fighting 82d" will always be remembered as one of the units that played a conspicuous part in the destruction of autocracy.

Some of the San Antonio Greeks who are veterans of the Great War are Charley Tassos and Nick Poulos, owners of the Mecca Cafe; Mike Collins, Harry Slam, Tom Poulos, Sam Mannos, James Gelanos, James Merras, Nick Papadokis, Thore Theotokis, Denis Domonis, Frank Dimaatsis, Makes Ermillios, Arthur Vakey, John Nicolonicos, Nick Pappas, John Ligouris, George Pappas, Nick Chronis.