HISTORICAL ARCHIVES OF CRETE, General State Archives of Greece (GAK)

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You will be able to read about the history of the archives in Crete, contact and location information and a description of the archives and collections.  I have duplicated the portion describing the archives and collections below:

The archives of the Historical Archive of Crete covering all Crete (hence the name of the Service), estimated at about 700,000 extremely important documents and other documents, from 1821 until today. The material is sorted and recorded in material books, cards, catalogs and special indexes. In more than 170 archival collections of the Service, including:
- Archives of Cretan Revolutions - official correspondence 1821 - 1830, 1866 -1869, 1877-1878, 1895-1898, and the Movement Therisso 1905.
- Private archival collections relating to various periods of Cretan history, correspondence with the Chiefs of the Revolutions, Somatarchon, chieftains and other prominent persons (Praktikidi, Manousogiannaki, Tsouderon, P. Koronaiou, Hadji Michael Giannari Partheniou Kelaidi, Halidon A . Giannari Jn. Zymbrakakis, P. and A. Kriari, Kalaisaki, Isychaki, P. Giparis, N. and A. Skoula, I. Paizi, Michelogianni, etc.).
- Cretan Archive Fighters (registered in indexes and specific subfolders, all the fighters of the Cretan Revolutions of 1866 and until 1898, with biographical information, proof of military instruments [kapetanochartia], and their requests for pensions, which refers the action).
- Ottoman Archives and the Central Translation Office of Crete.
- Archives Notary from the late 19th century onwards.
- Archives Legal, Court of Appeal of Crete and Chania Court dating from the last century onwards.
- The entire record of the Cretan State, autonomic ie Cretan State (1898-1913). This is a very long file documents for senior management (ministries) of the Cretan State.
- Archival material referred to in the Second World War included five collections that give valuable information for both the Battle of Crete and for the Resistance of the Cretan people but also for the administrative situation on the island during this period.
- City schools and Archives of Chania.
- Latest records, public and private: Prefectures files, various public services, education, various other organizations and individuals, etc.