Greece born in California, Sacramento Cemetery Records 1900-1959 has a database named "California, Sacramento Cemetery Records - 1900-1959" which includes 186 people born in Greece. 

You will be able to view the original records online for FREE.  These records have a wealth of information in them, in many cases much more than is described below.

What is in This Collection?
This collection contains cemetery records from various Sacramento, California cemeteries. The years covered include 1900 to 1959. The original records can be found at the Center for Sacramento History located in Sacramento, California.

What Can These Records Tell Me?
Cemetery records may contain:

The name of the deceased
The date of death
The date of birth
The names of parents or other relatives
The cemetery name
Name of clergy involved in burial
Plot number
The amount paid for the plot

Some of these, like the one pictured above, has the obituary attached to the file.  


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