"Find Body of Greek Woman - Police Suspect A Murder" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, March 2, 1902

Published in Chicago Daily Tribune, March 2, 1902

Peiter George Is Discovered Dead at the
Foot of Stairs Leading to Her
Wabash Avenue Room.

The police suspect murder in the case of a Greek woman named Peiter George, who was found dead late last night in the hall leading to her room on the second floor of the building at 1724 Wabash avenue.  The woman's body, at the foot of the stairs, was covered with bruises, which a physician says would indicate foul play.

At the head of the stairs the floor was blood-stained and scratches seemed to indicate a struggle.  The Twenty-second street police are investigating the death and have arrested several persons who live in the same house.

At midnight Louis Krotons, 1726 Wabash avenue, found the body.  He at once notified Dr. John Weinlander, 1801 Wabash avenue.  The woman was dead, and the physician said that he thought she might have been killed.  The body was removed to Buffum & Perrigo's morgue, 1722 Wabash avenue, to await investigation by the Coroner.

The George woman was the mother of two children, and both were asleep in their rooms at the time of the finding of the woman's body.  Nothing is known of her husband by persons thus far seen by the police.

The police have arrested Louis Krotons, who found the body, and Gustave Nichols, who lives in the same building.  Michael Collier, who owns a restaurant in the building, says that the woman has lied there but a few days.