"Greek Girl Finds New Home - After Attempting Suicide ..." article, Chicago Daily Tribune, October 16, 1902

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, October 16, 1902

After Attempting Suicide Because of
Stepmother's Harsh Treatment She
Refuses to Go with Her Father.
Anastasia Hondtros, the young Greek girl who was driven from home by alleged harsh treatment and who attempted to commit suicide by drowning herself in the lake Monday evening, was taken from the German hospital yesterday to the home of S. Katsulis, 629 North Park avenue.

Her father, Gustav Hondtros, 25 North State street, endeavored to induce his daughter to return home, but she refused to go through fear that she would again be beaten by her stepmother.  N. Salopoulos, the Greek consul, officially assumed guardianship over her.

"I will watch over her until she is able to take care of herself," said Consul Salopoulos.  "She will not be persecuted by her relatives again."