"Bloody Truth" FREE ebook re: Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

"Bloody Truth" is a FREE PDF ebook published by Movement for Freedom & Justice in Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus 2009.  This book is in both Greek and English dealing with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

1945 - British Policy of Denial
2004 - Turkish Policy of Total Denial

Chapter A:  Until 1955
A1:  1950 - Exploitation of the Minority
A2:  1954 - Turkish Incitement

Chapter B:  1955-1962
B1:  1955 - London and September Events
B2:  1955 - Dr. Fazil Kutchuk and AKEL
B3:  1955 - Nazim Hikmet and Aziz Nessin
B4:  1955 - British Funding
B5:  1955 - Menderes and Zoriou - The details;  Barbarians
B6:  1955 - Turkish Cypriot and British association
B7:  1957 - Dentash and TMT (Turk Mukovemet Teskilati)
B8:  1956 - Nihat Erim's Reports
B9:  1958 - TMT Army
B10:  1958 - KIP Plan (Kibris Istirdat Plani)
B11:  1958 - TMT Headquarters
B12:  1960 - 10,000 TMT Guns
B13:  1959 - Athens knew
B14:  TMT Army Structure
B15:  TMT Military Training
B16:  TMT Weapons Transportation by Sea
B17:  1959 - Boat "DENIZ" - Evidence of arms to the Turkish Cypriots, as derived from British official documents;  "Marmara" ship, Chief of Intelligence accuses Rauf Dentash of arms smuggling
B18:  TMT Action
B19:  1956 - First Partition
B20:  1955, 1958, 1962
B21:  1958 - "Useful Dead"
B22:  1963 - "The Bathtub"
B23:  1958 - TMT Murders of Consolidation
B24:  1958 - Slaughter of Kontemeniotes
B25:  TMT 10,000 arms - EDKA
B26:  27 May 1960 - Coup in Turkey
B27:  1959-1963 - Post Zurich TMT
B28:  1960 - Handover from Menderes
B29:  1959 - Fazil Kutchuk or Rauf Dentash?
B30:  1958 - Turks "migrate" to the North
B31:  Turkey finances the "migration"
B32:  "Separate self determination only when both communities agree to it"
B33:  Left wing Turkish Cypriots and the 27 May 1960 Junta
B34:  1962 - Ambassador Dirvana
B35:  Kavazoglou and 27 May 1960
B36:  1962 - Bairaktari Bombing and the killing of Turkish Cypriot Journalists

Chapter C:  1963 - July 1974
C1:  1963 - Turkish Rebellion
C2:  1964 - Turkish response to the Turkish Propaganda
C3:  1965 - Ihson Ali and "genocide"
C4:  Return of Propaganda as a result of the Annan Plan
C5:  1961-1963 - "AKRITAS Organization:
C5-1:  Authentic Evidence
C5-2:  Claire Palley
C5-3:  Stella Soulioti - "Greek Cypriot Secret Document:  The Akritas Plan"
Objectives, International Tactics, Internal Front, Tactics, Evaluation of the "Akritas Plan", Who Prepared the Document, Exploitation of the Document by the Turks, Conclusion
C5-4:  Authentic Evidence
C5-5:  Christodoulos Christodoulou
C6:  "The 13 Points"
C7:  August 1964 - Turkish bombardment of Tylieria
C7-1:  1967 - The Clandestine Return of the Planted Terrorist
C8:  1964 - British Plan "The Future of Cyprus"
C9:  British Military cooperation with the Turkish Cypriots
C9-1:  The Facts
C9-2:  British Military Personnel against Greek Cypriots
C9-3:  The "disappearance" of Major E.F.L. Macey and his driver L. Platt
C9-4:  "Get them all out of Cyprus for reasons of national policy
C9-5:  Martin Packard and themyth of Ethnic cleansing

Chapter D:  The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, July & August 1974
D1:  "Co-patriots pay attention:
D2:  Newspaper THE SUN "BARBARIANS Shame on them"
D3:  The rapes of Greek Cypriot young girls, mothers and grandmothers
D4:  "Turk atrocities:  What secret report reveals" - The terrible secrets of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus:  Killing, Rape, Torture, Looting
D5:  "The last church standing in occupied Cyprus"


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