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Book "Greece, the Modern Sequel: From 1831 to the Present (includes 216 names)

The book "Greece:  The Modern Sequel - From 1831 to the Present" by John S. Koliopoulos and Thanos M. Veremis was published in 2002 by New York University Press.

It includes 216 Greek names that you may be interested in.  I worked with my local librarian to get the book through the inter-library loan program.

For your reference I am providing the books description, author information, and a list of the 216 names mentioned in the book.

Book Description:

Focusing on questions that seek to illuminate vital aspects of the Greek phenomenon, this modern history of Greece is organized around themes such as politics, institutions, society, ideology, foreign policy, geography, and culture. Making clear their predilection for the principles that inspired the founding fathers of the Greek state, Koliopoulos and Veremis juxtapose these principles to contemporary practices, and outline the resulting tensions in Greek society as it enters the new millenium.
Challenging established notions and stereotypes that have disfigured Greek history, Greece: A Modern Sequel is meant to encourage a fresh look at the country and its people. In the process, a portrait of a new Greece emerges: modern, diverse, and strong.

About the Authors:
John S. Koliopoulos is Professor of Modern Greek History at the University of Thessaloniki and the author of many books, including Brigands with a Cause an Plundered Loyalties. Thanos Veremis is Professor of Political History at Athens University and President of the board of ELIAMEP (the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy). He is the author of The Military in Greek Politics.

Names Mentioned in Book

Abdroutsos, Odysseas
Anagnostakis, Manolis
Anagnostaras - Papageorgiou Anagnostis
Andriadis, Andre
Andrianopoulos, Andreas
Angelopoulos, Theo
Arsakes, Apostolos
Benakis, Emmanouil
Cacoyannis, Michael
Callas, Maria
Cavafis, Constantine
Charalambis, Soteris
Chatzidakis, Georgios
Christodoulos - Archbishop
Christou, Yannis
Chrysanthopoulos, Photakos
Clerides, Glafcos
Constantinides, Aris
Damaskinos - Archbishop
Daniilides, Dimosthenis
Davos, Ioannis
Deligiorgis, Epaminondas
Deliyannis, Anagnostis
Deliyannis, Kanellos
Deliyannis, Theodore
Deltas, Stephanos
Dikaios, Gregorios
Dikaios, Nikitas
Dimaras, Constantine
Dragoumis, Ion
Elytis, Odysseus
Embirikos, Andreas
Engonopoulos, Nikos
Evangelatos, Spyros
Farakos, Grigoris
Fassianos, Alekos
Flamiatos, Kosmas
Frantzis, Ambrosios
Gazis, Anthimos
Gazis, Georgios
Gemistos, Plethon
Gennadios, Ioannis
Ghizis, Nikolaos
Glezos, Manolis
Gounaris, Dimitrios
Gounaris, Elias
Gouras, Ioannis
Grivas, George - General
Hatzidakis, Manos
Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas, Nikos
Iakovidis, Georgios
Ignatius - Metropolitan
Iliopoulos, Dinos
Iskos, Andreas
Kafandaris, George
Kaklamanis, Apostolos
Kalomiris, Manolis
Kalvos, Andres
Kanaris, Constantions
Kanellopoulos, Panayotis
Kapodistrias, Ioannis
Karaiskatis, Georgios
Karamanlis, Constantine
Karatheodori, Constantine
Karavangelis, Germanos
Karavitis, Ioannis
Karyotakis, Kostas
Katartzis, Dimitrios
Kazantzakis, Nikos
Kirilianos, Christodoulos
Klaras, Athanasios - aka Aris Velouchiotis
Kleanthis, Shamatis
Kolettis, Demetrios
Kolokotronis, Theodoros
Kondoglou, Photis
Kondyles, Georgios
Konstantas, Gregorios
Kontakes, Petros
Koraes, Adamantios
Kordatos, Ioannis
Kotas, Constantinos
Koumoundouros, Alexandros
Koundouros, Nikos
Kounelis, Yannis
Kountouriotis, Georgios
Kountouriotis, Pavlos
Kouremenos, Yarmoulis
Krimas, Vassos
Kyriakides, Stipon
Lambrakis, Grigoris
Lavrangas, Dionysios
Louriotis, Nikolaos
Lytras, Nikiforos
Makriyannis, Ioannis
Maleas, Constantinos
Manos, Stephanos
Mantzaros, Nikolaos
Markezinis, Spyros
Mavrocordatos, Alexandros
Mavrocordatos, George
Mavrogenis, Nicholas
Mavromichalis, Petros
Melas, Ioannis
Melas, Pavlos
Mercouri, Melina
Metaxas, Andreas
Metaxas, Ioannis
Miaoulis, Andreas
Minotis, Alexis
Mitaras, Dimitris
Mitropoulos, Dimitris
Mitsotakis, Constantine
Moralis, Yannis
Moskos, Charles
Nano, Fotos
Negris, Theodoros
Nikoloudi, Zouzou
Oikonomos, Konstantinos
Palamas, Kostis
Pangalos, Theodoros
Pangalos, Theodoros - General
Papadiamantis, Alexandros
Papadopoulos, George
Papagos, Alexander - Field Marshal
Papaioannou, Dimitris
Papaligours, Panaghis
Papaloukas, Spyros
Papanastasiou, Alexander
Papandreou, Andreas
Papandreou, George
Paparrigopoulos, Konstantinos
Papavassiliou, Vassilis
Papoulakos, Christophoros
Papoulias, Karolos
Parthenis, Constantine
Pharmakidis, Theokletos
Philippides, Daniel
Photiadis, Grigoris
Pikionis, Dimitris
Plapoutas, Kolias
Plastiras, Nikolaos
Politis, Kosmas
Polychroniades, Konstantinos
Polyzoides, Anastasios
Poulios, Lefteris
Praidis, Georgios
Pringos, Ioannis
Psalidas, Athanasios
Psaros, Dimitris
Psycharis, Yannis
Psylas, Georgios
Rallis, George
Romas, Dionysios
Rontiris, Dimitris
Samaras, Antonis
Samaras, Lukas
Savopoulos, Dionysis
Scholarios, Dorotheos - Metropolitan
Seferis, George
Siantos, George
Sikelianos, Angelos
Simitis, Kostas
Skalkotas, Nikos
Sklavos, Gerasimos
Solomos, Dionysios
Sophoulis, Themistocles
Sotiropoulos, Sotirios
Speliades, Nikolaos
Stageiritis, Athanasios
Stephanopoulos, Constantine
Syngros, Andreas
Theodorakis, Mikis
Theotokas, George
Theotokis, Georgios
Theotokis, Ioannis
Theotokos, Georgios
Trichopoulos, Dimitris
Trikoupis, Charilaos
Trikoupis, Ioannis
Trikoupis, Spyridon
Tritsis, Antonis
Tsaldaris, Panagis
Tsarouchis, Yannis
Tsatsos, Constantine
Tsitsanis, Vassilis
Tsoklis, Costas
Tsouderos, Emmanouil
Tsoukalas, Constantine
Tzannetakis, Tzannis
Vapheiadis, Markos
Varnakiotis, Georgios
Varotsos, Kostas
Varvaresos, Kyriakos
Vassiliou, George
Vassiliou, Spyros
Velestinlis, Rhigas
Velouchiotis, Aris - aka Athanasios Klaras
Venizelos, Eleftherios
Venizelos, Sophocles
Vizyinos, Georgios
Volanakis, Constantinos
Voulgaris, Demetrios
Voulgaris, Petros
Voyadjis, Spyros
Vyzantios, Demetrios
Xanthos, Emmanuel
Xarchakos, Stavros
Xenakis, Iannis
Yannopoulos, Pericles
Zachariadis, Nikos
Zaimis, Andreas
Zambelios, Spyridon
Zervas, Leonidas
Zervas, Napoleon
Zolotas, Xenophon

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