Greece Born Adoptees looking for Family Members on Greek TV Show
Οι αποκαλύψεις συγκλονίζουν τους πάντες. Πόσα από τα αδέρφια του θα γνωρίσει;

This post was contributed by Eleni Manta - a member of the Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook group.

Thanks Eleni.  There are many Greek born adoptees searching for their family members.

  • Eleni Manta this is a part from a greek tv show how help people find their family and relatives i wish was my english better so i could translate you but i can't i hope someone else do it to understand it
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  • Eleni Manta This is the story of an adopted child searching for his parents. Parents were no longer alive, but he found one of his brothers and who knows??? maybe the dome opened to find the rest of his brothers since he discovered that he has 7 brothers.
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  • Eleni Manta For those of you looking for your family would like to tell you not to put it down and not postponed because time is not never in our favor. and do not expect the other side is the first step simply because the other side might not know the truth or do not want to shake your own life.It is very difficult for me to explain it in English and uses the google translation so forgive me for mistakes.I was born and raised in Greece, so I know how difficult times people lived, especially after the second world war. These were the reasons that many families give their children addoption, they wanted their children to have a better life than you had in Greece. It was not easy decision and it was not for rejection of their children,It was a tough decision stemmed from the love of parents towards their children, it is hard to explain and understand it now but in those days was perhaps the only option to live and grow their child. After the Second World War and the Civil War, Greece was a country of ruins.