Monday, March 5, 2012

Plastas Family History Page

Plastas Family History Page

"While continuing to research the Plastas Family History, Hal Plastas sent in some pictures from his dad's ( Aristotellis Plastas,Harry)collection. Some of these pictures we are unable to identify........HELP....ANYONE?? !!

The children of Zissis and Athena Plastas numbered twelve as follows: Six girls: Katina, Thodora (Lola), Vasiliki (Koula), Despina,Alkmeni and Eleanora. And Six boys: Nicos, Aristotelis (Harry), Yanis (John), Tilemahous (Charles),Constantine and Demetrious. Enjoy the pictures and lend a hand in identifying some of the faces, if you are able."

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