Where to Post your Greek Family Questions & Name Inquiries to Get the Best Results?

You shouldn't be surprised to hear that everyone doesn't visit the same websites, blogs, or Facebook pages on the internet.  

To get the best results - post in as many places as possible.  


GenForum - Greece

Rootsweb - Greece


Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook Group (of course)

Send a message to everyone on Facebook with the Surnames you are interested in.  I personally had great luck doing this.  I was able to connect with cousins I didn't know I had in both Greece and Australia.

Search to see if there is a Facebook page for the area in Greece where your family originated (many towns and villages have pages).  Request to become a Friend or a member of the Group.  Then post a message.

Look for associations on both Facebook and the general Internet that are related to these same issues.  Many diaspora locations have groups associated with their home towns.  

Good luck with your research.

Please feel free to submit comments with additional ideas - would love to hear from you.