"Fights Flames and Man to a Finish - Explosion of a Gasoline Stove Causes a Lively Mix-Up of GREEK, Policeman, and a Peanut Stand" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, August 25, 1896

Published in Chicago Daily Tribune, August 25, 1896

Explosion of a Gasoline Stove Causes a
Lively Mix-Up of Greek, Policeman,
and a Peanut Stand
Pedestrians at Dearborn and Jackson streets witnessed a rather remarkable struggle at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon between a police officer and a citizen whose clothes were in flames.

George Chikniscos conducts a peanut stand on the corner, and was the victim of a gasoline stove explosion.  His clothing was ignited, and the frightened Greek ran into the street, with the flames blazing above his head.

Policeman J. R. Cooney of the Central Detail Police Station followed him, and attempted to extinguish the flames.  He seized Chikniscos, but the latter struggled to release himself, and it took all the policeman's strength to overpower him.  He threw him to the pavement, and smothered the flames with his coat.

Beyond singed hair and a few slight burns Chikniscos was uninjured, although his clothing was nearly burned from his body.  The policeman's hands were slightly blistered, and his coat was ruined.  Flames caught in the peanut stand, but were extinguished with a pail of water.

Chikniscos was remvoed to his home, No. 100 Van Buren street.