"Government Agent Assaulted - Alleged Greek Counterfeiters Seem to Have Got Into Serious Trouble" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1893

Published in Chicago Daily Tribune, May 27, 1893

Alleged Greek Counterfeiters Seem to Have
Got Into Serious Trouble

Theodore Cafulot, a Greek, Claiming to be in the employ of the government secret service, was seriously cut by Louis Liscoss, another reek, and said to be a counterfeiter, yesterday afternoon.  The assault was committed in a saloon at No. 47 Clark street.  Cafulot has been working for the government, so he claims, securing evidence against the crowd of Greek peddlers arrested last Saturday for passing spurious coin.  In company with a countryman Cafulot says he went into the saloon mentioned looking for a man who had passed a counterfeit $100 bill on his friend.  Liscoss, with half a dozen others, was in the place, and when he was pointed out Cafulot told him that the bill he had given the man was bogus.  At this Liscoss became enraged and calling on several of his friends to assist him he jumped upon Cafulot, the latter says, and struck him with a hatchet.

Marshal Hitchcock's deputies were saved an immense amount of trouble in searching for Liscoss when he walked into Commissioner Hoyne's court later and asked for a warrant against Cafulot.  He was held in $3,000 bail by Commissioner Hoyne.

Cafulot was an important witness in the persecution of the band of Greek counterfeiters and his assailant is now locked up under the serious charge of assaulting a witness for having testified in a Federal case.

Nicholas Mazarakos, the proprietor of the saloon, who is accused of acting as distributing agent for the band of Greek counterfeiters, was admitted to bail in $2,000 by the Commissioner yesterday.