GREEK DNA Project (Family Tree DNA)

Family Tree DNA - GREEK DNA Project

I still can't grasp what DNA charts are telling me (although maps seem to make a little more sense).  It is not intuitive for me and I haven't put the time in to really understand it.

I did, however, find this site interesting.  The spreadsheets are filled with Greek names.  You can view both the Y-DNA and mtDNA Results in spreadsheets, maps and other reports.  

"The Primary aim of the Greek DNA project is to help others of Greek ancestry to gain the type of genealogical and anthropological deep ancestry information that I have, from having my own Y-DNA and mtDNA tested.

A second very important aim is to expand upon the information that has already been gained from scientific studies on the DNA lineages found in Greece . We could choose to just have basic tests done that tell us our haplogroups, and tell us where we fit generally in the family trees of humanity,.. but we can also test more extensively, and help expand our knowledge of the Y-DNA and mtDNA lineages found in Greece.

The final aim of the Greek DNA project is to further expand our knowledge by combining our results. As individuals we merely learn how we fit into the existing picture, but by combining our results together, we expand and increase the detail and patterns that we see."

Some Project Surnames:  (Note they are changing all the time) --  Alexakis, Alexandrakis, Alimisis, Andredakis, Antoniou, Apostolidis, Aronis, Arvanitis, Axas, Bardounias, Bletsos, Bogris, Botoulas, Bougiamas, Bournazos, Cacharelis, Chletsos, Christou, Diakakis, Douvikas, Dukakis, Fitzios, Fokas, Gemoules, Georgakopoulos, Giannatsis, Giannelis, Gizas, Hionis, Ioannidis, Kahrimanis, Kapasouris, Kapelonis, Kapsalis, Karafyllis, Karahalios, Karpathiou, Karydis, Kehriotis, Ketrenos, Kinalis, Koliopoulos, Kontes, Kontos, Koutis, Kyriakou, Lagusis, Lampros, Lertas, Leventeris, Lithopoulos, Logothetis, Loupis, Macriyannis, Maniatis, Margaziotis, Margellos, Mathopoullos, Mertzanis, Moulopoulos, Nicholaou, Pagonis, Paikos, Panagiotopoulos, Pantazopoulos, Papaleonardos, Papazoglou, Pappas, Paravantes, Pavellas, Pavlatos, Psychalinos, Sdougkas, Sideratos, Simatacolos, Skiadopoulos, Sophos, Spandonis, Spiratos, Stamatiades, Stamoulis, Stasinopoulos, Stavrou, Stavroulakis, Stivadoros, Stoupas, Trapalis, Triantafilacas, Tsakiridou, Tsantsoulas, Tsekenis, Tsirponouris, Varvaresos, Vasilopoulos, Verros, Vertsonis, Vrettos, Xenos, Zoumbos  

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