"Greeks Will Vote for Republicans" article, Chicago Daily Tribune, November 6, 1894

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, November 6, 1894

Three Hundred Meet and Discuss the
Local Political Situation.

The meeting of Republican Greeks at No. 144 Michigan street was adjourned early last night owing to the sudden death yesterday morning of John Williams, the most prominent leader of his countrymen in Chicago.  There were 300 Greeks present.  The meeting had been called by M. Williams and was intended to counteract the work of the Democratic ward heelers, who had started a "Democratic Greek club," and held several meetings.  Hopkins' men had boldly claimed 90 per cent of the Greek vote.  At the brief meeting held last night it was demonstrated the claim was false.  J.C. Palamaris, who presided, said all the speeches made at the meetings in the Greek language had been in favor of the Republican party, and the meetings were Democratic in name only.  The Greeks were almost solidly Republican, and a careful canvass had shown there would be 500 votes cast by them for the straight Republican ticket.  The meeting adjourned after electing L. Papadimitris President.