"Greek Meets Greek - John Glarois Kills Nicholas Moltesso With an Iron Bar" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, July 14, 1894

Published Chicago Daily Tribune, July 14, 1894

John Glarois Kills Nicholas Moltesso with an Iron Bar
After an Animated Quarrel at Blue Island
Avenue and Twentieth Street 
the Deadly Blow is Dealt - Assailant in 
Hiding with the Police Hot After Him

Nicholas Moltesso, a Greek fruit peddler living at No. 559 West Eighteenth street, was struck on the head yesterday with an iron rod in the hands of John Glarois, also a Greek, and died a few minutes later.  The men were pushing their fruit carts along Blue Island avenue and were engaged in a heated argument in their native tongue.  When they reached Blue Island avenue and West Twentieth street they stopped in the street and commenced fighting.  Several blows were exchanged when Glarois picked up the iron bar which was in his cart and struck Moltesso a violent blow on the forehead just above the right eye.  Moltesso sank to the ground unconscious and bleeding.  Glarois ran as fast as he could west on Twentieth street.  A crowd followed him, but he soon distanced them and made his escape.  The injured man was taken into a neighboring drug store.  Before the doctor arrived, however, Moltesso died.  The body was taken to the county morgue.  Both of the Greeks were young men.  They lived at No. 559 West Eighteenth street.  Moltesso was married and leaves three children.  A good description of Glarois was sent to all the police stations in the city.  The police believe he is in hiding in or near his home.