Book "Diaspora Merchants in the Black Sea - The Greeks in Southern Russia, 1775-1861" by Kardasis - Includes 656 Names

The book "Diaspora Merchants in the  Black Sea - The Greeks in Southern Russia, 1775-1861" by Vassilis Kardasis was published in 2001 by Lexington Books in Lanham, Maryland.

I have included a Synopsis along with 656 Names mentioned in this book.

If you would like to locate this book, I suggest you work with your local library.  The library can usually locate the book and get it for you through an inter-library loan.  I have found my local librarian to be very helpful. 


Publisher's Synopsis:
Presented here for the first time in English, this richly detailed study--based on British, French, Greek, and Russian archival sources--tells the story of the powerful Greek trading houses that competed successfully with North America to feed the industrializing population of Western Europe. Vassilis Kardasis presents this commercial history by charting the rise of Greek merchant houses to a position of dominance over the export of trade in Russian grain. Though the Greeks would eventually cede their dominance to the competition of cheaper American grain in the second half of the nineteenth century, their influence was felt in the transformation of Southern Russia to productive agricultural land and the formation of large Black Sea port cities which would eventually encourage massive immigration. Diaspora Merchants in the Black Sea fills an important gap in our understanding of the role of the diasporic Greek community in southern Russian history, the history of Greek maritime activity, and ultimately the history of economic relations between Eastern and Western Europe.


Agelasto, Pantoleon 
Agelasto-Rodocanachi, Iphigenia 
Aivazoglou, Thud.
Aklioros, Christos
Aksiotti, P. A.
Alexcief, Y.
Alfierakis, Sophia
Ambanopoulos, N.
Ambatielos, Panag.
Ambatzis, Isaac
Amira, L. - References Amira, L. & Son
Amvrosios, Greg.
Amrosios I.
Amvrosios Mich.
Andreou, Ioannis
Andrianopoulos, Georg.
Andronikos, Gerasimos
Anthione, A.
Apostolopoulos, Demetrios
Apostolopoulos, Ioannis
Apostolou, Greg.
Apostolou, Ioann.
Apostolou, Vas.
Argenti - References Argenti, Sekiari & Co.
Argenti, Pantoleon
Argitis, Anastasios
Argyriou, Louk.
Arsh, Grigori
Artinov, K.
Arvaniti, Elena
Arvanitis, Pant.
Athanasiou, Georgios
Athanasoglou, Kon.
Athinaios, Anastasios
Athinaios, Demetrios
Avgerinos - References Averginos, A. and Son
Avgerinos, Alexandros
Avgerinos, Ant.
Avgerinos G.
Avgerinos, Theodoros
Avgerinou, Maria
Avraam, Konstantinos
Avramiotis, Georgios
Avramis, Alexios
Babayotis, Phil.
Ballis, Nikolaos
Baltatzis - References Mavrogordatos Th. and Baltatzis
Barbayannis, Christos
Barberis, Christos
Basiliou, Alexandros
Basiliou, Demetrios
Basiliou, I.
Basiliou, Michael
Bazatzioglou, Charikleia
Bikelas - aka Vikelas
Bostantzoglou, Mich.
Boubas - References Boubas family
Boubas, Anastasios
Boubas, Ilias
Boubas, Stephanos
Chaikalis, Angelis
Charalambatos, Charal.
Charitos, Pantelis
Chatziphotiou - References Chatziphotiou family (says to also see Pappoudov)
Chatzis, G.
Chavanis, Ioannis
Chiliotis, Demetrios
Chionakis, Nik.
Chionas, Ioann.
Chioni, D.
Cholevas, Dem.
Choliaras, Athanasios
Chourmouzis, Diam.
Christodoulou, Georgios
Couppas, Ger.
Couppas, H.
Curi - References Curi Brothers
Curi, A.
Damianos, N.
Delis, Phil.
Demas - References Demas sons
Demathas, Nikolaos
Demetriou, Steph.
Demou, Kostis
Dialegmenos, Dem.
Dialegmenos, G.
Dialegmenos, Pan.
Diamantidis - Referenes Diamantidis & Sons
Diamantidis, Alkiv.
Diamantidis, And.
Diamantidis, Greg.
Diamantis, Geras.
Diamantis, Yannis
Digopoulos, S.
Dimoulis, Pantazis
Dinomos, Georgios
Divari, Sophia
Dolokov, Andreas
Dolokov, Panagis
Doukakis, Vas.
Doulouas, Michael
Doumas, Ioan.
Doundas, Nikolaos
Doxas, Nik.- References Kamarinos Dem. * Doxas Nik. - Exporters in Taganrog, 1783
Egorov, Stamatis
Floukis, Josiph
Foumlis, Anastasios
Frangiadis - References Frangiadis and Sons
Frangiadis, Stephanos
Galanis, Il.
Galati, Thomas
Galatis, Alex.
Galatis, Ephstr.
Galatis, Nikiphoros
Galinos, Alekos
Gennadios, Georgios
Georgakis, And.
Georgiou - References Georgiou Sons
Georgiou, Charikl. - References Georgiou, Charikl. and Konstanta Elena
Georgiou, Ioan.
Geriopoulos, Sem.
Gorgoli, Angelina
Gorgoli, Olga
Gorgolis, Dem.
Gregoropoulou, Teophania
Grendiropoulos, A.
Grenidiropoulos, V.
Grigoriou, Mich.
Grivas, Theod.
Harlaftis, G.
Heraklidis, Pan.
Heraklidis, Pavlos
Inglesis - Captain
Inglesis, Demetrios
Inglesis, Ioannis
Inglesis, Nik.
Inglesis, Sp.
Inglesis, Stavros
Ioannidis, Eustathios
Ionidis - References Ionidis Brothers
Ionidis, K.
Iosiph, Ioannis
Isai, Ilia
Ivanovich, A.
Ivanovich, J.
Kaftatzoglou, Nik.
Kaimaki, Anna
Kalafatis, Ch.
Kalafatis, Demet.
Kalafatis, Evstath.
Kalafatis, Steph.
Kaletzis, Konst.
Kalfoglou - References Kalfoglou Brothers
Kalfoglou, Pavlos
Kalligas, Gerasimos
Kaloudis, Greg.
Kaloyannis, N.
Kaloyerakis, Petros
Kaloyeras, Markos
Kamarinos, Dem. - References Kamarinos Dem. & Doxas Nik. - Exporters in Taganrog, 1784
Kambanis, I.
Kamburoglou, G.
Kanartzis, Ioannis
Kantakouzinou, Maria
Kapanakis, Ioann.
Kapetanakis, Greg.
Kaplanoglou, Kon.
Karapanos, Anast.
Karavias, Dem
Karayannis, Ioannis Michael
Karayannis, Michael
Karkous, Christos
Karoni, Garoufalia
Karouzos, Alex.
Karouzos, Ioann.
Karouzou, Anna
Karouzou, Evropi
Kasimatis, Petros
Kassevetis - References Kassavetis-Cavafy and Co.
Katsonis, Lambros
Katsorkhiev, Kanella
Kefala, Gerasimos
Kokinos, Georgios
Konomos, Demetrios
Konomos, Ioannis
Konstanta, Elena - References Georgiou, Charikl. and Konstanta Elena
Konstantakis, Anast.
Konstantakis, Ioann.
Konstantas, Ioann.
Konstantinou, Ioannis
Kontiotis, Georgios
Kontoyanakis, Ioannis
Korkokaris, Efstathios
Koronaios, Kyriakos
Koronelis, Spyr.
Koronios, Georg.
Koronis, Georg.
Koufopoulos, Andreas
Koufopoulos, Konst.
Koufoudakis, Ioannis
Koufoudakis, Zannis
Koukouli, Eleni
Koumas, Konstantinos
Koumbaris, A.
Koumbaris, Stamatis
Kountouris, Christophoros
Kourkoulas, Steph.
Kouskoulis, V.
Kovakos, Nik. - References Makronitis, Ioan. and Kovakos, Nik.
Krassas, Georgios
Krassas, Ioannis
Krionas, Papanikolas - Skliris, Mich. and Krionas Papanikolas
Krionas, Pasch.
Krionas-Papanikolas, Leond.
Krionas-Papanikolas, Nik.
Kyriakopoulos, Panayotis
Kyriazis, Antonios
Ladopoulos, Spyr.
Lambros, Stamatis
Laskarakis, Phot.
Laskaridi - References Laskaridi & Co.
Laskaris, Man.
Lassanis, Georgios
Latri, Calliope
Latris, Alex.
Lefteris, Nikolaos
Leonidis, Ephstratios
Leontarid, Spyr.
Linardakis, Georgios
Linaris, Angelos
Livas, G.
Loukas, Panagos
Louki, Sophia
Lupi, A. M.
Lupi, N.
Makas, K.
Makris, Ioannis
Makris, Savvas
Makronitis, Ioan. - References Makronitis, Ioan. and Kovakos, Nik.
Makropoulos, Georgios
Malaxianos, Stratis
Malaxianou, Eirini
Mandraki, Elisabet
Manesis, Il.
Maraboutas, Christod.
Marantis, Ioann.
Marantis, Vas. - References Rossolymos, Greg and Marantis, Vas.
Maratos, Themistokles
Marazli, Greg. I.
Marazli, Gregorios Greg.
Marini, Evdokia
Marini, Victoria
Markou, Stavr.
Marmarinos, Themis.
Masaoutis, Demetrios
Mattaiou, Chris.
Mavrogordato, E. N.
Mavrogordato, Kon.
Mavrogordato, Loren.
Mavrogordato, Matt.
Mavrogordato, Nikolaos
Mavrogordato, Pant.
Mavrogordato, Teod.
Mavrogordato-Rodocanachi, Arianni
Mavrogordatos, Th. - References Mavrogordatos Th. and Baltatzis
Mavrokephalou, Maria
Mavromaros, Achill.
Mavromoustakos, I.
Mavros - Mavros family and firm
Mavros, Alexandros
Mavros, Christophoros
Mavros, G.
Mavros, Ioannis
Mavros, Nikolaos
Mavros, Spyridon
Mavros-Basiliou, Euphrosyne
Mavroviazi, Euphr.
Mavroviazis - Mavroviazis family
Mavroviazis, Ioann.
Mavroviazis, Mich.
Mazarakis, Kosmas
Mazarakis, Mich.
Mazarakis, Sem.
Melas - Melas brothers
Melas, Demetrios
Melas, Georgios
Melas, Ioannis
Melas, Konstantinos
Melas, Leon.
Melas, Michael
Melas, Pavlos
Melas, Theodosios
Melas, Vassilios
Melas-Basiliou, Eleni
Melas-Basiliou, Smaragda
Melas-Geralopoulos, Terpsichore
Melas-Voutsinas, Eleni
Michos, Ioann.
Milioti, Evropi
Miliotis, Dem.
Miliotis, Mich.
Mimmis, Dem.
Mimmis, N.
Monetis, Anastasios
Moniaris, Demetrios
Moraitis, Spyr.
Moraitis, Theodoros
Moralis, Stephanos
Morantis, Georgios
Mornaris, Georgios
Morphi, Euphemia
Mourouzinakis, Igor
Mouscoutis, Georgios
Mouscoutis, Petros
Mousouris, A. D.
Mousouris, Kons.
Nazaritis, Demetrios
Nazaritis, Ioannis
Nikitin, Ioan. - Skandrakis, Georg. and Nikitin, Ioan.
Nikolaidis, Dem.
Nikolaidis, P.
Nikolaos, Ioannis Kartiotis
Nikolaou, Dem.
Nikolaou, Ioannis
Nikoli, Edokia
Nikolis, Greg.
Nikolis, Louis
Oikonomos, Konstantinos
Oikonomou, Georgios
Omeros - Omeros nephews
Palaiologos, D.
Palaiologos, Ioannis
Panagos, Iosiph
Panagos, Nikolaos
Panas, Ilias
Panayotou, Dem.
Pangalou, Ekat.
Papachatzis, K.
Papachristos, Demetrios
Papachristos, Georgios
Papadakis, Ioannis
Papadatos, Polyv
Papadimopoulos, Nik.
Papadopoulos, Anast.
Papadopoulos, Athan.
Papadopoulos, Ioann.
Papadopoulos, Spyr.
Papadopoulos, Theod.
Papageorgacopoulos, P.
Papanikolas - Reference Krionas-Papanikolas
Paparrigopoulos, K.
Papastamatiadis, N.
Papazoglou, Stratis
Pappoudov, G.
Pappoudov, Ioannis
Papoudov, K.
Pappoudov-Rodocanachi, Despoina
Pappoudov-Sevastopoulos, Arianni
Pappoudov-Varvakis, Alexandra
Paraschos, Athan.
Paraskakis - Paraskakis brothers
Paraskeva-Borisova, Ekat.
Paraskevas, Apost.
Paraskevas, N.
Paspatis, Ioann.
Paterakis, Igor
Patrinos, Gerasimos
Patrinou, Maria
Pavlidis, Prokopis
Petalas - References Petalas Ant. and Theod.
Petalas, Theod.
Petalas-Maratos, Antonis
Petrakis, Georg.
Petrakis, Ioann.
Petrocochino, P.
Petrocochinou, Maria
Philipakis, I.
Philipakis, Panag.
Phokas, Alex.
Photiou, Pavlos
Photopoulos, Nik.
Pikkolos, Nikolaos
Pogonatos, Ioannis
Pogonatos, Panayotis
Politaki, Varvara
Politov, Ioannis
Polychronis, Demetrios
Ponomariev, Ioannis
Popov, Angelis
Popov, Staphylia
Psallidas, Michael
Psaltis, Anast.
Psycharis, Nikolaos
Psycharis-Mavros, Euphrosyne
Rados, Kon.
Raftopoulos, Anast.
Raftopoulos, Moses
Rali, Konstantinos Th.
Ralli - Ralli brothers
Ralli - References Ralli and Petrocochino
Ralli - Referenes Ralli and Agelasto
Ralli, Alex.
Ralli, Ambrosios Tho.
Ralli, Angeliki Kon.
Ralli, Augustus (Avgoustis)
Ralli, Elena
Ralli, Ephstratios (Stratis)
Ralli, Ioan. Kon.
Ralli, Ioannis Str.
Ralli, Kon.
Ralli, Maria Kon.
Ralli, P. T.
Ralli, Pandias S.
Ralli, Pandias A.
Ralli, Pandias, Th.
Ralli, Stephanos Z.
Ralli, Theodoros - References Ralli, Theodoros Sons & Co.
Ralli, Tomazis (Thomas)
Ralli, Zannis (Ioannis)
Ralli-Scaramanga, Marietta
Ralli-Storni, Lucia
Ravdokanakis - Index states to also reference Rodocanachi raw materials 
Rigas, Nikolaos
Rizaris - References Rizaris family
Rizos, K.
Rodocanachi - References Rodocanachi family
Rodocanachi - References Rodocanachi sons
Rodocanachi - Rodocanachi, Demetrius and Co.
Rodocanachi - Rodocanachi, Brothers & Co.
Rodocanachi, D. E.
Rodocanachi, Emmanuel P.
Rodocanachi, Georgios
Rodocanachi, Leonis
Rodocanachi, Maria Th.
Rodocanachi, Michael E.
Rodocanachi, Pandia
Rodocanachi, Pantoleon
Rodocanachi, Pavlos
Rodocanachi, Pericles Th.
Rodocanachi, Petros
Rodocanachi, Stephanos
Rodocanachi, Theodoros P.
Rodocanachi, Theodoros E.
Rodocanachi, Zannis
Rodocanachi-Galati, Arietta
Rodocanachi-Zizinia, Cleopatra
Rossetis, Ioann.
Rossolymos, G.
Rossolymos, Greg - References Rossolymos, Greg and Marantis, Vas.
Roussos, Ioann.
Roussos, Nikolaos
Sakelaris, Anton.
Sakelaris, Arg.
Sakelaris, Kon.
Sakellaridis, Emman.
Sakellariou, S.
Saliangas, K.
Salvago, P. S. - Salvago, P.S. & Co.
Sanginetti, N.
Saratsis, Christos
Saratsis, Nikolaos
Scanavi, N. A.
Scanavis, Alexandros
Scaramanga - Scaramanga & Co.
Scaramanga - Scaramanga-Manoussir & Co.
Scaramanga, And.
Scaramanga, Emmanuel
Scaramanga, Ephstratios
Scaramanga, Georgios E.
Scaramanga, Ioannis (Zanni)
Scaramanga, J. A.
Scaramanga, J. E.
Scaramanga, L.
Scaramanga, Petros
Scaramanga-Ralli-Petrocochino, Calliope
Scaramanga-Salvagou, Despoina
Scariatos, Dem.
Scarlatos, Nik.
Scarlatos, Pav.
Scarlatos, Pet.
Scarlatos, Spyr.
Scarlatos, Steph.
Schilizzi - Schlizzi-Vouros
Schilizzi, G.
Schilizzi, Mich.
Schilizzi, Petros
Sechas, I.
Seraphinos, Th.
Sevastopoulos, Evstratios
Sevastopoulos, Mark
Sevastopoulos, S.
Sideris, Ioannis
Sigala, Niki
Skandraki, Sophia
Skandraki, Xanthi
Skandrakis, Georg. - Skandrakis, Georg. and Nikitin, Ioan.
Skarlatos, P.
Sklavos, I.
Sklavos, Pan.
Skliris, Mich. - Skliris, Mich. and Krionas Papanikolas
Skliris, P.
Skordilis, Igo
Skoufas, Nikolaos
Smirlis, Georgios
Smirlis, Kon.
Sophianopoulos, Alexandros
Sophianopoulos, Demetrios
Sotiriou, Aikaterini
Sourais, Dem.
Spandoni - Spandoni-Basmatzi
Spandonis, Ioannis
Sporidis, Agn.
Spyropoulos, Akim
Stagno, G.
Staikos, Dem.
Staikos, Theodos.
Stamatis, Ant.
Stamatis, Christ.
Stamatis, Mich.
Stamerov, Kyriakos
Stamerov, Pav.
Stamerov, Ster.
Stamos, Dem.
Stavraki, Emel.
Stavraki, Loula
Stavros, Zach.
Stupathi, I.
Svoronos, F.
Svoronos, Gerasimos
Svoronos, N.
Syllas, Dem.
Syllas, Theod.
Synadinos, Pantelis
Syngros, Andreas
Tananakis, Stavros
Tarla, M.
Tarnanis, Demetrios
Theodoridis, Phil.
Theodoropoulos, G.
Theodorou, Anton.
Theodorou, Dem.
Theodorou, Vas.
Theognostis, Anton.
Theophani, Angeliki
Tavlo, G.
Triantaphyllou, Dam.
Tripcovich, G.
Tsakolov, Athanasios
Tsikaliotis, Theodos.
Tubino - Tubino Brothers
Tufekioglou, Nikolaos
Tzanis, Georgios
Tzevas, Anast.
Tzouras, Vasileios
Vagliano - Vagliano Brothers
Vagliano, Andreas
Vagliano, Marinos
Vagliano, Panagis
Vagliano-Melas, Euphrosyne
Vandaras, Andreas
Vandaras, Christoph.
Vardalachos, Konstantinos
Vardomarinakis, Pavlos
Varsamis, G.
Vartholomaios, Georgios
Varvakis, Georg.
Varvakis, Ioannis
Varvakis, Kosmas
Varvakis, Markos
Varvakis-Alfierakis, Alexandra
Vasileiou, Panagos
Vasiliotis, Spyr.
Velissarakis, Anast.
Veller - Veller Brothers
Veltsos, K.
Ventouris, Steph.
Vernardakis, Demetrios
Vernardakis, Georgios
Vernardakis-Alfierakis, Maria
Vestonis, Georgios
Vikatos, Vas.
Vikelas, Demetrios
Vikelas, Emmanuel
Vikelas-Geralopoulos, Calliope
Vilaras, Chr.
Vilaras, Dem.
Vilaras, Theod.
Vlagalis, Thom
Vlassi, Despoina
Vlassopoulos, Emman.
Vlassopoulos, Nicos
Vlastopoulos, Epam.
Vlastopoulos, Greg.
Vlastopoulou, Ekat.
Voulgaris, Eugenios
Vouros - Vouros, E. M. & Co.
Voutsina, Evdokia
Voutsinas, Alex.
Voutsinas, Emm.
Voutsinas, G.
Voutsinas, Greg.
Voutsinas, Ioann.
Xanthos, Emmanuel
Xenis, Avg.
Xenis, V.
Xydi, Ioann.
Xydis, Arist.
Xydis, Chariton
Xydis, Kon.
Yannopoulos, Vas.
Yannoudis, Andr.
Zafiridis, Kyr.
Zarifi, Alexandros
Zarifi, Georgios
Zarifi, Ioannis
Zifos - Ziffos Brothers
Ziffos, G. I.
Zizinia - Zizinia and Co.
Zizinia - Zizinia Brothers
Zizinia, Georgios
Zizinia, S. P.
Zygomalas, Pant.


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