"Due for Greece, He Goes Afoot - Delias Helyas Starts from Milwaukee for New York, but Lands in Frisco" article - Chicago Daily Tribune, December 19, 1907

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, December 19, 1907

Delias Helyas Starts from 
Milwaukee for New York, 
but Lands in Frisco

New York Bureau Chicago Tribune, New York, Dec. 18.

Delias Helyas, a native of Patras, came to the United States several years ago, leaving his wife and two little ones in the ancient Greek town of his birth.  Late in October he got his savings together and decided to spend with his family the Christmas holiday, which come a fortnight later than our own.  He was living in Milwaukee, and bought a ticket from the North German Lloyd agent entitling him to sail from this port two months ago aboard the steamship Friedrich der Grosse.

Instead of changing cars at Chicago for this city, he got a wrong ticket and boarded a train which landed him in San Francisco.  He learned that he was about 3,000 miles out of his reckoning and that he would have to pay to get back to New York.  He found his money dwindling as he traveled eastward.  When he was within about 300 miles of this city he decided to walk the rest of the way and economize.

He got here today with his ticket to Patras and presented it to the North German Lloyd line.  Gustave H. Schwab decided to honor the ticket and help the Greek to his home on a steamship of another line that will get him to Patras in time to celebrate Christmas with his family.